Miso Pork, Slow Cooker; learning stream — 4 Comments

  1. I like this recipe! But I thought you were out of squash 😉

    You got a good deal on CS. It’s $20 a year here though it started out at a lot more if I recall, but I think maybe they didn’t get the viewership they needed.

    Yes, we still have TLC. True Stories of the ER is one of my favorites, but I worked in the ER so some of those stories are mild compared to what I saw. Some of them are worse. I find it all fascinating. There are a few other shows on TLC that I like as well. We signed up for DiscoveryPlus though and they have TLC along with every station Discovery owns for $6 a month. We’re happy.

    • I missed posting this one lol.
      The Discovery Channel! I’d forgotten that one,,,,, We don’t have access to anything like that so the CS was a treat. I don’t know if we’ll renew – I don’t know how often the add new stuff, but we’re enjoying it now. There are a lot of really short bits which is kind of fun. I don’t think I could watch your ER show…. I’m one of those that closes eyes during that sort of thing lol

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