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  1. I think you are under-estimating the typical homemade spag bol. Btw, whilst I was perfectly familiar with macaroni cheese all my life, I’d never heard it called mac’n’cheese until I was middle aged. Even today I still register mac’n’cheese as a McDonald’s cheeseburger and have to consciously make the switch.

    • It’s likely that I am – I’ve only been exposed to the version whipped up in a hurry to feed the kids lunch.
      Now I want a cheeseburger – but not from McDo’s. Either the French version or the current version world-wide is not nearly as good as my memory of them (could also be the memory).

  2. I’ve never been a fan of bolognese but I think that’s in part because the very few times I’ve had it, there were more carrots than mean and carrots aren’t my favorite. We had spaghetti yesterday for dinner with sweet italian sausage and meatballs. I did not grow up on mac-n-cheese however because it’s not a dish the Scots typically make, I guess. They do make a macaroni pie, but it’s different.

    • The carrots should be minced small enough that you barely notice them – and absolutely should not overpower the meat lol
      We had ‘Creamettes and Cheese’ occasionally on a Friday night. I liked it – but even more I liked the fact that it was always followed by chocolate pudding.

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