Spring Greens with Feta and Dates; a cormorant — 6 Comments

  1. I wish spring was on the way but it was zero when I got up this morning. Yep, zero. It’s hovered around 5 for the past several days but this was the coldest yet. I’ve taken to putting timothy hay out for the wild bunnies because we also have about 6 inches of snow now.

    I’ve never seen a cormorant. Must have been spectacular. I wonder if they return to the same area every year. Do they mate for life? I’ll have to look into that, just because 🙂

    • We must be on the migratory path as I only see them in the spring.
      We’ve had the most rain in 4 decades this winter – plus it’s been cold. My quince are just starting rather than finishing and there is no sign of the plum blossoms yet. Bizarre weather and a pandemic – why not?

  2. Cormorants are probably migrating at the moment, so you’ve had one make a stopover. They sit with their wings outstretched to dry their feathers, maybe to help digest their food — nobody’s quite sure.

    • Fascinating birds. I’m guessing that means that there is life in the pond, now. The farmer said that eventually, the birds bring in life – unintentionally, of course. It’s been there about 5 years..