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  1. Grrr to the new contractors! Par contre I just had a very productive conversation with one of our municipal councillors about when to mow a small park that has a wonderful variety of wildflowers if it’s allowed to. We were participating in a demonstration against the closure of one of the classes in our local school at the time. Also grrr! But good news on the mowing cycle being planned.

    • For the mowers it’s just work to be done regardless of what gets cut down. Here they mow early, ignore it all summer, then mow late. I think we are after-thoughts lol And it’s not really up to our local council as it’s being handled by a bigger ville – consolidation, and all.

  2. I would try this recipe. I still haven’t made much of anything in my instant pot other than hard boiled eggs, but this I would do. Is this in a 6qt pot? I think I’d leave the liquid at 3/4c though. I like ‘moist’ rice. Either that or very sticky are my two favorite ways to eat it.

    Can’t you just put up a couple signs saying don’t cut here? I know, probably not, but it’s so disappointing. My husband doesn’t question why I leave my bulb plants until they die. The garden stuff is mine so he leaves it all alone including giving an opinion other than ‘it looks really nice’. lol!

    • Yes, it’s the 6 qt I’ll make this again – and use the 3/4 cup, I really liked it that way, too.
      My bulbs are planted along the fence so I just need to remind him not to cut them when he does the weeds. Everything grows so fast here in the spring it gets to looking pretty messy before the bulb plants die back. But he likes the flowers so no more arguments lol

  3. LOL on the insta pot recipe. I have yet to fork out $$ for one of those. I have a pressure cooker that I use on the sailboat though, and makes similar meals as this but with no electricity used (the joys of living on the water, limited use of electric devices). So, while here in lovely Canada we have LOTS of snow (and more coming tonight) along with some frigid -20C temps … I can pretend I’m over in your garden and area watching the Earth get ready for another growing season. Now, to go back to pretending I’m travelling home to Wales, to see family and friends. I was supposed to be there in the Fall looking for a possible place to live and job (I’m an expat) .. but travel restrictions are very very strict compared to south of the border! Stay safe Kate and say hello to your hubby and hope he’s fairing well still!

    • Hubs is doing fine, thanks. Got his 2nd vaccine last week. Wales? You may be able to get back this summer…. or not. When we lived in Ireland we would take the ferry across. Beautiful country – and it never gets as cold and snowy as Canada lol.
      I like the instant Pot much better than my pressure cooker – I can ignore it. But yes, does require electricity.
      Stay safe – and remember boating season will be here shortly 😉

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