Chicken, Cauliflower, and Pasta Skillet; more spring — 4 Comments

  1. Awww, poor puppy. Thing 1 and her husband had to put their Treeing Walker down this past Monday night. So sad. It’s so very hard to say goodbye. 🙁 But for now, Guapa is still enjoying life, it sounds like, though at a slower pace. That’s okay.

    The daffodils are gorgeous! You should wait until they die back, then take a bulb. They spread quickly. We have them all along our roads here thanks to the squirrels. Those and day lillies.

    Your recipe looks delicious! I put cauliflower in my stir fry. I usually toss it in the rice, on top, about halfway through cooking time. Small pieces steam on top of the rice so they’re ‘done’ by the time I throw everything together. A word to the wise though, I’ve done the ‘cauliflower rice’ thing. It’s usually best if you saute until it gets a bit of color. Anything else except soup and it’s very runny.

    My usual murder of crows is in the yard. They’re fun to watch 🙂

    • She’s at a much slower pace and getting picky about her treats, but she still comes for all of the scheduled (by her) pets. We’ll deal with it – we always do and there’s no choice. Happy for the last days.
      When we lived in Ireland there were daffodils everywhere. I was just in awe that first February – even the landfills were solid yellow. It was beautiful.
      Good tip for the stir-fry. As to the cauliflower rice – really doesn’t interest me much.
      We have magpies – tons of them. I liked them until I realized they kill other birds – like the young doves. Makes me sad to see.

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