How to Choose Cookware for Cooking on Gas Stove — 6 Comments

  1. I use a variety of pans on my gas stove. I’ll never cook with anything but gas and that was a priority here when we were looking for a home in this area. Getting just another half mile or so north of us requires propane. I worked in the ER years ago when a family was brought through after a propane explosion at their home…no propane if there’s any way to avoid it. But I digress…

    Gas is much more forgiving than a flat electric cooktop. Doesn’t matter the material, if it’s a flat top, you need to use pans with no warpage and that have an actual flat bottom. Even the rounded edges will affect how your food cooks in them. I also don’t like that electric takes longer to heat up and cool down. When I turn down or off the heat on my stovetop, that’s it. Turning down or off the heat on an electric top means you have to wait for the heat to drop and if you’re doing something delicate, you need to move it off the heat. And you also have to wait for the heat to come up to temp. I’ll stick with gas.

    After my comment about propane, do they not have propane storage tanks there? I’m sure you remember them here. You call, order your propane (or are on a subscription) and they come fill the big tank. I don’t blame you for not wanting to carry smaller tanks! That would be…ugh!

    • I would have preferred gas – but not the bottles and I have never seen a tank. In the cities (Barcelona, Paris) you will see trucks hauling gas bottles down the streets, honking periodically, for people to run down and swap out their bottles. People who use them have a kitchen cabinet next to the stove to hold it.
      Our friend in Spain, in the mountains used to keep 6 – 8 or them on hand over the winter.

    • I just couldn’t deal with that. One of the gites we stayed in used the bottles and they always ran out in the middle of cooking dinner !

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