Lemon Chicken and Spinach Tagliatelle; sunshine — 9 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to be out in the warm sunshine! It barely made it out of the 30’s here today and we’re supposed to have snow overnight and tomorrow morning. I won’t do anything in the yard until I have at least a week of over 50 temps. We have so many endangered butterflies and moths who overwinter in the detritus in the flowerbeds, I just want to wait until they emerge. But once we get those temps, we’ll explode just like you’re doing now.

    This recipe is right up my alley! I put spinach in most things, love creamed spinach and a spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette is the bomb!

    • I try to eat it at lease once, if not 3 times, a week.
      We are expecting a cold front to move in for 2 days this week – it snowed in the UK on Thursday and it’s headed for us. Everything I’ve planted should survive and nothing else goes in until May. This is the April rush of early lettuce and onions

  2. Another recipe I will be adding to my repertoire particularly as all the ingredients are ones I keep in stock.

    We are making the most of this warm spell but keeping an anxious eye on the walnut and cherry trees. If they are at a critical stage, we risk losing the crops yet again if the frost is too severe. In the meantime it is great being able to have our meals out in the garden.

  3. Ooh! That looks delicious!

    When I was a child, I loathed almost all vegetables – with the exception of beets and green beans. But I especially loathed spinach. I had no idea, until I was an adult, that cooked spinach didn’t have to be braised until it was grey and slimy. (When I was a child, I didn’t know that spinach came in anything but cans.)

    I love spinach now – raw or cooked. As long as it isn’t slimy, falling apart, and grey.

    • Loved green beans as a child (still do) My mother used to fix big batches just for me in the summer. Yes, I was a weird child. I read the Iliad for fun.
      My mother used to occasionally make beets, which I also liked but she had to tell my siblings that she had dyed the carrots. They believed her…. sigh….

      • And I thought I was strange because I read Rob Roy for fun. We often had beets. I don’t think any of us would have been tricked into thinking they were carrots that had been dyed. Oh for the naiveté of youth.

  4. I used to buy canned spinach in Morocco due to lack of fresh or frozen but it was only really ok in soups…give me fresh or those handy frozen cubes any day !

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