Lemon Chicken, Instant Pot; rats — 9 Comments

  1. While I understand the conundrum of feral rats, I’ve had rats as pets on and off for several years now, though not at the moment. They make wonderful pets! They’re clean, they will use a portion of their domain for their littler box, they’re unbelievably smart! I could go on, but I won’t. Understand the problem with the feral population though. I do.

    I’m watching your IP posts with interest and keeping those I think might actually use. So far, beyond the ribs that were horrible, the only thing I’ve done is boil eggs…Those are perfect, by the way…

    • My complaint about feral rats is that they are so destructive. I have no idea why we are just plagued by them in the spring. They do seem to have kept the mouse population down, though. Could be coincidence.
      As to the Instant Pot – most things have turned out well. I still use it the most for making beans. I found some black-eyed peas that are wonderful (bacon, onion, etc). I do that every week or so.

      • Did you post that recipe here? I’d love it. I think that would be a great side dish, it sounds delicious and we love beans and bacon. 🙂 I meant to mention, I’ve had mice a couple times in the house. Our cat leads it to whatever it wants, I think. She’s pretty useless when it comes to mousing lol

          • Oh no! Poor kitty. I hope someone took it in. I really hope it comes back. Now I’m worried…

  2. I had a mouse in the house last week…yikes !! It looked quite sweet but not sweet enough for me to invite it in permanently !!!

  3. This may become my favorite chicken recipe – thanks! I have enough trouble with just seeing an occasional mouse in the house – not at all sure how I’d cope with a rat, especially jumping on me. When my dog had digestive problems, I’d make him a dish of rice, well-drained hamburger and peas – all cooked to softness and small bits. It seemed to satisfy his need to “share” in human food. No tidbits while I was cooking, though, so I understand the sad eyes and I was following his vet’s advice.

    • You’re welcome 😉 Poor old Guapa loves chicken but, I have learned now, she just can’t eat it any more. She’s still okay with a bit of pork (cooked, added to the kibble). And I know they are not good for dogs, but she loves raw potato. She gets a dime-size piece now lol

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