Looking for great coffee? Try Papua New Guinea beans. — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve tried dozens of different coffees and I still come back to the Folgers. I also still use an electric perk though I also have my old glass Pyrex with the glass stem in case the power goes out. Coffee is 100% better when it’s perked than when it’s run through a Mr Coffee type machine. That and I’m on a well with a softener. I can completely clean an electric perk or a glass pot, even the inside of the stem using a stainless straw brush. I can’t clean the water pump in one of those Mr Coffee type machines, no matter what one uses when they’re on a well with a softener. But coffee and a nap? No, I can’t do that. The coffee ‘perks’ me right up and the nap flies out the window.

    I grew up in a house with a Scottish mother. We lived on tea and I learned early on how to make it. I don’t drink nearly as much tea as coffee.

    • We have very hard water – and no softener (just not done here – people buy bottled water which I refuse to do)
      I clean my kettle and coffee maker every week with vinegar to get the calcium deposits out.
      I’ve never owned a Mr. Coffee – I hear they make proper machines now, tho (My kids are coffee fanatics)

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