Pork Chops with Cabbage, Slow Cooker; rats, II — 12 Comments

  1. Awww…I’m sorry but that does make me sad. I know, but still…

    You’re going to have to sweep the bits of seed off the deck too in order to get them to go. As long as there’s any food left, even a couple pieces of seed here and there, they’ll keep coming back.

    I do chops in the slow cooker, but I use my sauerkraut. You know, I can mine, but you could make some on the counter. It’s easy to do and takes no minding once it’s in the jar. Just sayin’… 😉 In the meantime, I’m sitting here smelling the corned beef I have going in my crockpot. I tried it in the crockpot for the first time a few weeks ago and it was fabulous so no more boiled dinner. And I use a liner so it’s easy clean up.

    • I wish I could get corned beef – it’s just not available here other than tiny little cans that are found next to the tiny little cans of Spam. I never saw it in Ireland, either.
      We can’t get a ham, either. All ham is turned into rolls to slice for sandwiches.
      The rats have not been back since I bring the feeder in at night.
      On the other hand, the feral cat has returned and is back to coming every day to eat. He must have gotten shut in somewhere. He looked skinny when I first saw him but the second time he looked back to normal.

      • YAY for the kitty!

        Can you get brisket? You can make your own brine. It’s really not very hard. I don’t think I’d like canned. I’ve never had it canned. But there are so many places around here that brine their own and so many recipes online on how to do it. I’m adventurous. I’d try it, but that’s me. 😉

        • I tried figuring out what cut that would be once – and wasn’t successful. The cuts of beef (and everything else) are very different here. Plus the like to bone and tie things. I bought what I though was a roast once, and it turned out to be a bunch of short ribs all tied together. lol

  2. I want to say Ooooh pork chops with cabbage! But I keep letting myself be distracted by your report about the feeder.


    We don’t often see signs of rats here, except occasionally flattened ones in the lane. But the other morning, someone reported that they found their fatally maimed cat in the lane. Someone else reported seeing two coyotes waltzing down the front street late the night before. I’m guessing that the coyotes are keeping the local rats to a minimum….

    (We stopped filling our bird feeder when we found a cardinal wing on the patio – the local cats being cats….)

    • Our feral cat returned the other day after a long absence. I saw him sitting under a bush watching a magpie. The magpie walked right past him, taunting. Maybe they are too big for the cat to go after. Or too mean. Our rabbit population is down, which is thanks to the cat.
      We need foxes……
      We don’t have (or need) coyotes.

      • Magpies are vicious and mean. They’re beautiful too. But mean. Magpies used to torment my parents’ dog. Mum and Dad always let the dog out to run freely in the back yard (fences that he couldn’t jump over) and every day a pair of magpies would come to sit on the inner ledge of the fence, just out of his reach and laugh at him as he frantically tried to get at them. Mum often reported going out to the yard to yell at the magpies. She said they would look at her insolently and then lazily fly off.

        I much prefer foxes to coyotes. However, now that coyotes have moved into the neighbourhood, maybe the overly burgeoning raccoon population will be reduced radically….

        • We have doves that nest in our giant wisteria. They push their young out of the nest when they are almost ready to fly. The young usually fly off within a few hours. Last year the magpies killed the young before they had a chance. I had been watching, and protecting them, as best I could – not good enough.
          Nasty birds…..

          • They ARE nasty. Their plumage is spectacularly beautiful though. What a shame about their murderous tendencies and the poor young doves!

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