Salmon Dijon; bizarre blog behavior — 8 Comments

  1. It was 17 and snowing here again this morning. I admit to seeing snow at the end of May in Michigan though so…

    Hubs doesn’t like salmon though I love it so I usually have it when we go out to eat. I do rarely make it here though and we don’t eat the skin at all either. But! What I do is bake it on foil and when it’s done, I take a very thin, flat pancake flipper, mine is stainless, and just catch the edge of the salmon between the fish and the skin. Because the skin sticks to the foil, I can slide the flipper between and lift a beautiful piece of fish off the foil while leaving the entire skin stuck behind. Works great!

    In all this weather we’ve had, we did ribs on the smoker last Sunday. I couldn’t stand it anymore and needed a piece of spring. Put them on, closed the lid, didn’t touch the lid for 6 hours. Best we’ve had. I don’t know why. But they were awesome and needed 😉

    • I remember snow in May in Wisconsin, too. Here the locals say not to plant the veggies until after the ‘3 ice saints’ (whoever they are) which is the middle of May. We rarely have snow in winter but we can get the odd cold night.
      It’s time to get the smoker and grills out. The hubs has already been mowing – and I’m getting tired of cooking lol

  2. Kate, I wanted to mention that it’s a shame your quince bushes don’t produce. Quince makes marvelous jam but the fruit has to be absolutely ripe.

    Hubs never put the smoker or grill away this winter. We bought covers instead this year. There just isn’t enough room for everything. There never is.

    • Quince jam is very popular here – esp. in Spain but I’ve never made it. Our neighbor in Andorra had a big tree! I don’t see it to buy, either. Not that I look lol
      We hava a big barn…. which is slowly filling up with stuff lol

  3. We’ve added a shed as well and there’s still not enough room!

    Quince is so easy to make jam with though a bit time consuming. But there’s so much pectin in the fruit that water, fruit and sugar are all you need. And it was fantastic. Unfortunately, I have no bushes so when someone in the township posted on the township FB page that they had a bush that was covered and wanted to know if someone wanted it, I jumped on it.

  4. I had one quince on my bush at the last house – I think I added it to the pear jam I made. That was when we had an orchard and I was ambitious.

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