5 Reasons To Have Matcha Dessert

Two things I immediately agreed with in this post: I love green tea and (most) wedding cakes are horrid. They may be pretty, but they are usually dry and taste of nothing but sugar.

On to the tea….

Matcha was gaining in popularity a few years ago. I ignored it as I had no place to buy it. Thanks to the pandemic (did I just type that?!?!?) I now have a great online source for high quality tea. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but, also thanks to the pandemic, I’m willing to be a little more indulgent with myself.

While I love having a nice, hot cup of green tea on a cold winter afternoon (I also drink black tea – just so you know) I have not gotten the powder to try baking with it. When I start baking again I’m going to. I’ve always known it was healthy, I just hadn’t realized how very healthy it was…..

5 Reasons To Have Matcha Dessert

Most often, fine-looking and exquisite desserts sacrifices taste for aesthetics. As an example, take a look at wedding cakes. You’ll see many of them created with size and structure that doesn’t allow the pastry to be moist and velvety, as any cake should be.  

Regardless, this isn’t an issue with matcha desserts wherein charm and flavor are a regular combination. With the powdered tea’s delightful green hue, the lavish green shade blends with any confection that you mix it with. In the end, you get a beautiful and totally delectable dessert that’s perfect for green tea lovers.

Do you want to know what kind of desserts you can create with matcha? Check out this video:

Matcha comes from delicately ground powder that’s yielded from premium green tea leaves. People usually mix the culinary variety when cooking or preparing tea, smoothies, bread, or other desserts. 

If you haven’t tried matcha yet, it’s time you discover this high-grade, flavorful tea that delivers numerous benefits. So, sit back and read the following reasons why you should enjoy and have a matcha dessert. 

  1. Rich In Antioxidants

The first reason why you should savor a matcha dessert is that matcha green tea is rich in antioxidants; this green tea is abundant with catechins, a plant component that works as organic antioxidants.  

Realize that antioxidants fight damaging free radicals that destroy body cells and triggers degenerative diseases. Approximately, matcha contains 137 more catechins than any other green tea. Thus, when you add matcha to your meals, you boost your antioxidant intake that may reduce cell deterioration and lessen your chances of getting chronic disorders.  

  1. Source of Energy

Another reason you’ll love matcha tea is that it’s an excellent source of energy. This tea brings the same rush as coffee without the restless feeling since matcha carries an equal blend of L-theanine and caffeine.  

L-theanine is an amino acid present in plants that aids in relaxation without the feeling of sleepiness. Also, some individuals take the substance when they’re coping with stress.  

Following this, you don’t have to fret about being too lax since the caffeine will give you a kickstart, and the L-theanine will help ground you. Accordingly, 1 gram of matcha is equal to 35 mg of coffee.

  1. Fortifies Bone Density

Surprisingly, many people neglect to take active steps to strengthen their bone density. However, understand that bone strength is vital in an individual’s mobility and health, especially when one grows older. This is where matcha comes in handy. 

Green tea may enhance your bone mineral density and reduce your chances of acquiring osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Additionally, tea contains elements that encourage bone structuring and may assist in delaying their deterioration.

  1. Strengthens Heart Health

It’s a known fact that heart disease is one of the top reasons for death globally. Fortunately, there are various pieces of research showing that consuming green tea with the same features as matcha may safeguard individuals against heart conditions.  

Moreover, green tea has been proven to lessen triglycerides and the amount of bad LDL cholesterol. When you consume appropriate amounts of matcha and combine them with a nutritious regimen, you may strengthen your heart health, shielding yourself from various diseases.  

  1. Fosters Weight Loss 

Lastly, keep in mind that consuming matcha may foster weight loss. Have you noticed weight loss supplements listing green tea in their ingredients? The reason for this is because green tea, which is where matcha is derived, is prominent for its weight loss capability. This is because green tea increases metabolism to boost energy consumption and fat burning. In fact, green tea extract reinforces 17% fat burning. Also, green tea cuts down bodyweight and aids in sustaining weight loss.  


As a rule, when you buy matcha, remember to search for a bright green shade. As much as possible, refrain from purchasing the cheapest one you’ll find. If there’s a local Japanese store near you, see to it that you explore the shop, and check if there are matcha varieties. In case your neighborhood stores don’t offer this type of tea, there’s a variety of high-quality matcha you can purchase online.

Other than its health rewards, matcha blends perfectly well with nearly any dairy product and its lush flavor goes well with sugar, bringing you rich-tasting desserts. Hence, you can create matcha smoothies, puddings, ice cream, and cakes to boost the taste of your favorite sweets.

Remember, while matcha is teeming with health benefits, it’s important to still consume it in moderation.

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  1. Refuse to Matcha anything, I just can’t stand the taste. I will say, we had, from what I’m told, a lovely, moist, very flavorful banana cake for our wedding. I wouldn’t know how good it was, my dad had a stroke that day and as soon as the service was done, we went to the hospital. But everyone loved it.

    • What a sad event on your wedding day. My mother used to bake wedding cakes and hers were always good. She made one a lemon layer cake with pineapple filling which was a disaster to transport but delicious. It’s the bakery cakes that are awful.
      Strangely, I cannot abide banana anything…. I like bananas, but not the cakes or breads or muffins.

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