Sausage Stew, Instant Pot; dog days — 4 Comments

  1. One thing in your recipe; you’re talking about sauteeing and breaking up ground beef but that’s not listed in your ingredients and I don’t think it’s in the picture either though I could be wrong. However! I will be making this. 🙂

    Poor Guapa. It sucks getting old. But she’s still moving and that’s a good thing. Our Murphy is closing in on 11, we think, since he was a rescue. Some days, he really shows his age.

    Poor bunnies. That’s just sad. I have a bunpocalypse going on in the backyard right now. Must be a dozen or more on just my little bit of acreage. They’re sure fun to watch!

    It’s 35 here today. It snowed overnight. All my narcissus flowers are dead…

    • Thanks – fixed. I copy and paste so I don’t have to re-do the formatting and sometimes (ahem) miss something.
      We never knew how old our Sedi was (German Shepherd and, maybe, Dob mix). We think she was about 13 when she died. We had her 11 years.
      I hate seeing all the sick bunnies…. but it never takes them all. Apparently some develop immunity.
      Snow!!!! That also sucks.

    • She’s doing okay – poor old girl. She still pretends she’s a young pup when she sees a bunny. She just doesn’t see them as well. lol
      Glad to hear the Coco Pop is well!

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