Turkey & Asparagus Lo Mein; spring — 3 Comments

  1. This recipe looks yummers! I think I’ve mentioned before though that I never see white asparagus here. Never. I do have five or six stalks that come up every year in a flowerbed in the front. I have no idea where they came from. We’ve been here six years this October and I just started seeing them two years ago. I didn’t plant them.

    It’s not too bad out here today. Almost 56 right now. But we’re supposed to get at least 4 inches of snow overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, so I’m holding off on any garden work, flowers or otherwise. Next weekend I think is the turning point from the looks of it, so I’ll wait.

    • I remember snow in May in MN / Wisc. Here the farmers say not to plant until after ‘the 3 ice saints’. I’m not sure which saints they are but their ‘days’ are 13,14, & 15 May. I thought it was just a French thing but I heard a German mention it the other day, I do wait to put the tomatoes out until then, but the other stuff has to take their chances.

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