Smoked Sausage, Cabbage, & Tomato, with Curly Pasta; life is weird — 10 Comments

    • Thanks for that – they have a really good selection – better than the 2 I’ve been using. Even my favorite sweetcorn. Next year….

  1. We recently waited 15 days for a priority mail package that ended up going from the vendor to our postal hub to the Detroit hub, shipped from the Detroit hub, delivered to the Detroit hub and finally back to our postal hub before making it to us. I have no doubt your little seed packet has seen the world!

    Your recipe is similar to something I do but I usually use some kind of egg noodle. I’ve been known to toss in bulk breakfast sausage in a pinch when I’m out of any kind of smoked. Still tasty because…cabbage!

    • Breakfast sausage is good,,, and egg noodles.
      We’ve not had any problems in France before, but when we lived in Andorra is was…. Interesting. We didn’t have to pay tax or duty on anything so we did a lot on online shopping (such as it was back then). I had one package tour South America, before going on to Rome and, finally Andorra. All the stamps were on it. It travelled over a year. Apparently, a lot of postal workers had no clue where Andorra was.

  2. Yesterday I got notification that a parcel addressed had been returned to sender. She sent a pic and it was impeccably and perfectly addressed to me….no reason why it was returned that any one can determine. It must have bern loitering some where with your corn !!!

  3. I wonder what it was about Swiss chard last year. We couldn’t find Swiss chard seedlings anywhere, and the seeds we planted (my sister sent us a package, and one of our friends sent us another package) did not come up at all. Therefore, I think you should assume that the rainbow chard seeds you didn’t receive wouldn’t have come up. I’m glad they are finally sending your refund.

    Although… are you sure it’s them? We got a phone call from a robot today, allegedly from Bell, telling us that our account was going to be automatically upgraded today and $400 added to our bill. Errrrrrm… do you think I was wrong to just hang up on the robot?

    Smoked sausage is MADE for pasta. Your version looks delicious.

    • I have refined my ability to hang up on robots and robotic humans, I got 5 calls in 10 minutes yesterday – and didn’t speak a single word. I have given up on chard and spinach – I can’t get the ants under control and they control the aphids which eat the chard and spinach.
      I have surrendered to the ants…. but if they don’t stay away from my green beans war will commence.

  4. Oh my yes life is weird and the virus has only made things weirder. Would it be wrong to think smoked sausage is a little like butter: everything’s better…
    Amazon never ceases to surprise in so many ways.

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