Turkey & Mushroom Linguini; weird dog — 2 Comments

  1. LOL! Spontaneous! I love it. Murphy has one bed that he sleeps in all night long but could care less about during the day. If it’s light out, he prefers to be laying right where I’m standing/sitting/working outside including laying on the floor between me and the fridge while I’m cooking and between me and the sink when I’m in the bathroom. sigh

    It managed to get to 50 here today. I worked out in the yard for a bit yesterday but wore my down jacket because it never got over 40. Yesterday though, the sun was out. Today, it rained. I just need some warm weather. I really do.

    • Guapa is getting more clingy lately. When Bonnie was alive they would be outside, watching me, but always together, not by me. Now she comes closer and likes to be within 15 feet or so lol
      Wore a jacket and planted between rain showers yesterday. I’m starting to get desperate.

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