Using the best Percolator for your Coffee — 2 Comments

  1. I still use either an electric percolator or, if the power goes out, my antique Pyrex glass percolator with the glass stem and basket. I can always light my gas stove with a match 🙂 I still think perc’d coffee is the very best but beyond that, I’m on a well. No matter what anyone says to try and convince me, I don’t think I can ever get the darned drip pots clean enough. People swear by vinegar and there are commercial cleaners out there, but you can’t guarantee that the water pump and the plastic tubing really is coming clean. With my percolator, I can get my hand in there and clean it all and now that stainless steel straws are all the rage, the cleaning brushes they make for the straws gets the stem clean easily.

    • I clean my coffee maker and kettle every 2 weeks with vinegar. We have very hard water. We were visiting our friend in Spain once, and his kettle sparkled clean. I asked if he had just cleaned it – he gave me a blank look – cleaned it???? No, he had mountain water, I was amazed. the kettle was years old and looked new.

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