Foods that will Help you Sleep — 3 Comments

  1. I, like you, haven’t slept through the night in I can’t tell you how long. More often than not, there’s no specific reason, I just keep waking up. However, there are those nights when my reflux has been triggered by who knows what this time since there’s never anything specific, and I’m up half the night in the bathroom. Foods that help me sleep? Nice thought but nothing helps and I refuse to take drugs.

  2. I’ve started keeping a bottle of water next to the bed so at least I can have a drink without getting up. But, other than leg cramps that can be excruciating (luckily, not often) nothing much keeps me awake.

    • Do you have something equivalent to DripDrops or Pedialyte there? You need the extra potassium. Or eat a banana before bed. Generally though not every time, the cramps are due to a depletion of potassium during the day. I keep DripDrops that are water soluble so he can empty a packet in a bottle of water, as well as some Pedialyte or the adult equivalent though the name escapes me. But he rarely has leg cramps now, thankfully.

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