Reasons to Eat a Handful Of Nuts Every Single Day

We used to eat snacks.

I usually had pretzels or chips or little flavored crackers in the kitchen and we would both munch on something occasionally during the day. We, or at least, I, didn’t do it often and didn’t eat a lot. Still, over time, the effects were starting to be noticeable.

Meandering into the kitchen and snitching something to snack on is common and a hard habit to break…. assuming one wants to break it.

We did.

And we didn’t.

I solved one problem buy keeping a big basket of unlimited snacks right on the counter so they were in full view and easy to get at.

I solved the other problem by filling that basket with nuts in the shell. There is a big difference between grabbing a handful of peanuts to toss in your mouth and having to crack a walnut or almond, then pick out the nut before eating.

As a bonus: nuts are a lot healthier than chips.

Read on for more info:

Nuts are considered very useful and healthy for our bodies. They have a beneficial effect on our body, support weight loss, and can be a great substitute for sweets or snacks. Nuts prove to us that good things come in small packages. These fruits are full of fats that are good for our heart, vitamins, and minerals. Whenever we talk about these foods, it is known that the daily measure is estimated on one hand. They are a great snack, and you can combine them with fruit, cereals, or snacks on your own. Read how they can contribute to the fight against certain diseases or serve as prevention.

To reduce the risk of cancer – Brazil nut

Just one serving can be enough to improve the level of selenium (antioxidant) in the body. ‘So what about that,’ you wonder. Healthy amounts of this mineral in the body are associated with a reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility, and other conditions. In one study, people who ate only 2 Brazil nuts a day for 12 weeks improved their blood selenium levels by 60%. Scientists say that this food in its raw form is more effective and better for absorption than supplements that serve to increase selenium levels.

They replace the unhealthy snacks

Mix the healthiest nuts to eat in a baking dish, sprinkle them well with water and salt. If desired, add the desired amounts and types of spices. They are placed to bake in an oven heated to 150-160 degrees, where they are sprayed with water several times and mixed carefully. After about 20 minutes it should be over, but it depends on your oven. This is a great substitute for unhealthy snacks! 

For a better memory – Walnuts

It is no coincidence that the shape of the nut resembles a brain. Consuming walnuts improves your memory, concentration, and information processing speed. In research, it was concluded that people who eat a lot of nuts have significantly better results on tests that exercise the mind and intelligence than people who eat them minimally. Just a handful of walnuts a day was enough to make a difference. 

For weight loss – Almonds

Almonds should be at the top of the list of foods when you are on a diet or simply striving to eat as healthily as possible. People who consume a handful of almonds daily reduce fat deposits and bad cholesterol. Almonds may be small, but they are powerful. A portion of almonds provides proteins that reduce the feeling of hunger and fiber that gives a feeling of satiety, as well as healthy unsaturated fats that help our body resist temptations to eat too much.

For heart health – Macadamia nuts

It is no wonder that the inhabitants of Hawaii are constantly ranked as the healthiest in the country, taking into account the presence of macadamia nuts in that territory. The effect of this food has not been fully researched, but it is certain to lower cholesterol. A handful of macadamia nuts a day for 5 weeks lowers bad cholesterol by almost 9%. They contain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, taste like hazelnuts and contain more monounsaturated fats than other nuts

For reduced risk of diabetes – Pistachios

Pistachios help regulate blood sugar levels. People with prediabetes who consumed a portion of pistachios a day achieved a significant reduction in blood sugar levels and improved the ability of their bodies to process insulin and glucose. They also noticed a decrease in inflammatory processes and an increase in glucagon – a hormone that helps control glucose levels, which could lead to more stable blood sugar levels.

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  1. And macadamias (an Australian native by the way) in the shell have the added benefit that one has to expend enormous energy breaking them open. A hammer and a concrete path being tools of choice!

    • I did not know they were Australian! And I have never seen them in the shell. When I was a child my mother’s ‘nutcracker’ was a foot-long piece of railroad rail and a hammer. No idea where she got the rail…We had hickory nuts – the hammer was the only tool to use.

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