Salad with Smoked Salmon; lizard rescue — 4 Comments

  1. You can never have too much salmon! But you can definitely have too many carbs.

    I rescue the spiders since we don’t get lizards here. Or the occasional froggie that makes his way into the garage. The frogs I pick up and carry out. The spiders? Um…no. I have a clear cup such that your condiment would come in from a take out, and a large paint color card because it’s nice and stiff. The cup goes over, the card goes under and the whole lot gets tossed out the door. I collect my capture tools later 😉 I figure their little life means as much to them as mine to me, so I don’t choose to squish them.

    • Our big spiders are house spiders – and will die if put outside where they do not want to be. So I do them a kindness by having the hubs dispatch them quickly (I tell myself). Lizards, on the other hand, want to get back out. And I’m not terrified of them.

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