Salmon, Lightly Smoked; ready to travel, but not able — 4 Comments

  1. Poor baby. It’s so hard when they get older and anxious. Our old man seems to be developing a touch of dementia. Not bad, but enough to be noticeable to me though not to anyone who doesn’t live with him. Today is his “Gotcha” day. We brought him home from the rescue on this date in 2013. He’s been a great dog but he’s getting old.

    I’ll have to try this method for salmon. Hubs won’t do it, he’s not a big salmon lover, but I am.

    • More salmon for you then….
      I’ve decided just to let Guapa do what she wants and I’ll supply the pets and belly rubs when she wants. Today I brought the leash out and she got all excited – like old times. We went on a 5 minutes walk.
      I would have been willing to leave her with the previous kennel owners – she knew them well and they were great dog-people. But, for now, we all stay home together.

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