Bread Baking Babes Bake…. Cruffins?

If Shakespeare could invent over 1700 new words what is to stop the culinary world from trying their hand at it all?!

They often just attempt to bast*rdize existing recipes by adding an adjective and changing an ingredient or two. My favorite example is taking the duck, duck fat, and sausage out of cassoulet (leaving a pot full of bland beans) and calling it ‘Vegetarian Cassoulet’.

Bakers, however, are a cut above the crowd… especially when it comes to being creative with croissants.

First there was the cronut (I have never seen one but I doubt they would be allowed here in France).

A cronut is an illicit union between a croissant and a donut.

Personally, I think both are perfect in their natural state so why mess with it?

Now, apparently, that crazy croissant has mindlessly mated with a muffin.

And the Bread Baking Babes branded the Cruffin as their own.

Aparna, of My Diverse Kitchen, and our host kitchen for this month, says that they are more like a cross between a croissant and a cinnamon roll.

No cute name in that mix.

Thankfully, they are baked in muffin tins, thus bringing the muffin into the mix for our Cruffins.

She goes on to say that they were invented in Melboure, Australia in 2013.

Leave it to the Aussies….

Our bevy of Babes loved these cute little Cruffins. The consensus is that, while they might be a bit fussy, they are worth it and perfect with coffee or tea or just by themselves.

If you want to create these Cruffins yourself, visit My Diverse Kitchen. You’ll find the recipe, easy instructions, and helpful hints…

In the meantime, have a look at what the Babes did this month…. Try not to drool on your computer.

Aparna’s Cruffins

Elle’s Cruffins

Kelly’s Cruffins

Karen’s Cruffins

Cathy’s Cruffins

Judy’s Cruffins

Elizabeth’s Cruffins

Tanna’s Cruffn

And that’s it for the Babes in July 

Stay Safe, Healthy & Patient and get your shot when you can.
And enjoy your summer while you do all that….

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6 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes Bake…. Cruffins?”

  1. Hahahaha “that crazy croissant has mindless mated…” Hmmm, I’m not so sure it’s a mindless mating. After all, the result of the marriage is awfully good – or should I say awesomely good? No, maybe not. The word “awesome” has been usurped, hasn’t it?

    The French might even agree – although they’d probably insist on calling cruffins kouign-amans.

    And wait a minute!! Isn’t the definition of cassoulet a dish that is made with beans AND meat? So, shouldn’t “Vegetarian Cassoulet” be called “Fauxsoulet”? Or perhaps “Cassoulégumes”? (Speaking of baked beans sans meat, j’adore les Haricots Blancs en Four! …especially when served beside a grilled chop and a side of beet greens sautéed with garlic.)

    • I would never have called a dish of beans ‘Cassoulet’ but I do find it on new food blogs…. The same blogs that make ‘Green Chicken Gazpacho’ I would never be so careless with words….

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