Chicken Burgers – The healthier alternative to beef burgers

We don’t eat a lot of burgers any longer. I still love them, and if given a chance I would happily devour a ‘Wisconsin bar burger’ – the kind with greasy fried onions, processed cheese, and lots of pickles. It’s a sandwich that take a minimum of 3 paper napkins to eat.

But just one burger – for old-times sake.

We don’t eat that much beef anymore, for many reasons.

Even mon mari who loves McDo’s usually orders the CBO (Chicken, Bacon & Onion). It’s a ritual he has. Because he is a T1 diabetic he gets special foot care provided by the French medical system. Every 6 weeks he goes to the podiatrist, who’s office is conveniently located next to a McDo’s. Mon mari treats himself to lunch before his appointment.

Sadly, that was impossible for the last 15 months due to the pandemic but it was open for his last appointment.

He said the chicken sandwich was still as good as always.

Read on for more info:

Perhaps they are not yet as popular as their beef equivalents, but chicken burgers have a significant advantage – according to nutritionists, a fried chicken sandwich can be eaten more often than a red meat cutlet. The crispy coating on chicken only improves its ratings. Are you ready for this battle?

Red or white?

We often hear lately that eating red meat in excess is bad for your health. This is because it contributes to thrombotic changes that cause atherosclerosis and other heart diseases. Beef is also infamous for its mass production of meat, which causes significant environmental degradation and huge water consumption. The Food Print Network Foundation reports that the production of one burger (150 g of beef) requires about 2,500 liters of water. Luckily, burger fans have a lot to choose from. Chicken burgers are also an interesting alternative that has been recently conquering the market. The secret of their popularity is an American-style coating for chicken fillet, popularized by the KFC restaurant chain.

And what is the advantage of chicken? First of all, its meat provides the body with a valuable portion of protein. Although 100 grams of beef steak contains about 21 g of protein, our body can only absorb a quarter of it. White meat is much less fatty and the protein is better absorbed by humans, it is estimated that even eighty percent. This is why it is so popular with athletes.

Where can you eat the best chicken burgers?

Burgers with chicken can be found in many burger houses, which are dominated by beef. Nevertheless, they are not very popular there. However, there are places on the culinary map of Poland that specialize only in this type of dish. Perfectly crispy breaded chicken pieces belongs to their specialty, and their offer includes strips, nuggets, wings, tortillas and original burgers. Spicy or in a mild marinade, with added sauces, fresh vegetables, closed in a bun, they are liked by everyone from children to adults, women, men, from big and small cities. Looking for something different than pizza, kebab, or beef burger? A perfectly composed chicken burger is a good choice. Crispy coating of chicken not only tastes good, but also protects the meat from losing its juiciness in the process of frying.

How to prepare crispy chicken?

Coating for chicken is made in different ways. It is usually made from a mixture of flour or breadcrumbs, spices and glue (egg or vegan substitute), but cuisines of the world provide other inspirations. It is often created with cornmeal, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, or sunflower seeds. The essence of flavor, however, is not the chicken coating itself, but the marinade for the chicken.

Previously marinated chicken, coated in batter is deep-fried in oil at high temperature. Chicken breast is the best essence of the burger. You can cut it into smaller pieces – this way you get strips. Everything else is a matter of imagination. Coated chicken goes well with everything, so do not spare vegetables, or even fruit, sauces and extras. Whatever you like! The most important thing is that the meat is juicy and the coating is crispy. In fact, you don’t need anything else to be happy.

To finish your sandwich try these Refrigerator Pickles. And for sides….. German Summer Potato Salad? Three Bean Salad?

8 thoughts on “Chicken Burgers – The healthier alternative to beef burgers”

  1. I’ve tried them several times, but I have never had a chicken burger that’s juicy. Burgers should be juicy. I’m also one of those weirdos who thinks a chicken breast on a bun isn’t a burger. But that’s just me.

    By happy coincidence, we’re grilling ground chuck burgers for dinner today since chuck has the right amount of fat to keep them juicy and tasty. We’ve had a day and a half without rain so are taking advantage of it. 🙂

    • Our ground beef comes with a fat % – either 5, 15 or 20 percent. 20% makes good burgers. I have no idea what the 5% would be good for lol

      • The chuck I use here is 80/20. Anything less makes a lousy burger and the 5% fat, which I’ve seen here as well, is like shoe leather. I’m all for eating healthy but I want it to taste good!

  2. Chicken burgers sound very very good. But recently, after making too much falafel mix (if that’s even possible), we used the extra to make western style hamburgers. We both agreed that they were easily as good as beef – in fact they were better! Much to the chagrin of any vegetarians hearing about our burgers, we did add bacon and faux-gouda cheese (it melts beautifully) to turn them into fully dressed banquet burgers, adding caramelized onions, fried mushrooms, pickled hot peppers, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, thinly sliced fresh onion, tomato, cole slaw, etc. etc. etc.

    I LOVE having to wear a bib to eat my burger!

    (I like the idea of coating chicken with sesame seeds, cashew nuts, or sunflower seeds!! That sounds brilliant.)

    • Bacon makes everything better.
      Now I need falafel but faux-gouda? I would have to think on that. Wait, no I don’t…. I doubt I could get it here.
      If it doesn’t run down your chin it’s not a proper burger.
      Now I need a burger.

      • It’s not like processed gouda. It’s a Canadian-made cheese with the label “gouda” that comes in blocks, rather than being contained in red wax. It doesn’t have the same nutty flavour as real gouda from the Netherlands, but it melts beautifully.

        Yes, you are right. A burger HAS to run down your chin. And your forearms.

        • We van buy ‘American Cheese Slices’ for sandwiches. We can, but we don’t. I have managed to find suitable, melting French cheeses that are real cheese and not ‘cheese food’ lol

          • 50% of our household imagines that Cheese Food Slices are de rigeur for hamburgers, and cheesey loose scaramboiled eggs. So, not only can we by the travesty, but we do.

            (I bet you can easily guess which part of the 50% of our household refuses to even look at the so-called cheese.)

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