Important Considerations Before Buying Grills

Our house has a barbecue problem.

The front of the house, facing the lane, is fairly flat and quite well protected. On the end where the barn is there is a decent overhang that protects from rain. It’s a perfect place for the barbecue grill / grills.

The only problem is that it’s miles from the kitchen. (slight exaggeration there….)

The kitchen is at the back of the house. The back of the house faces the valley. It gets the full force of the winds that come across the valley, sometimes quite strong. There is no protection from anything. It’s also over the lower barn so it’s 2 stories up from ground level.

In other woods, having a barbecue grill outside the kitchen is not at all practical.

In our next house I want a big grill, like the one in the photo, right outside the kitchen door where it’s easy to pay attention to and we can cook our entire meal on it. We used to do that every night… before we had to walk miles to get to the grill.

Read on for some grill buying tips:

The pleasant smell of meat, veggies, or burgers on the barbecue isn’t something to ignore at dinners or family gatherings. It is often considered an incomplete affair when a grill is absent especially at outdoor events. It not only give a fragrance to the warm air outside but gathers people around it.

Grilling is a cooking method that involves applying dry heat to the food’s surface by using a grill. This is an ideal way of cooking vegetables and meat fast. This method of cooking also gives the meat a unique flavor and aroma.

Getting the perfect grill can be stressful and expensive but with the right information, it can be hassle-free. Everyone likes to save money and one wouldn’t mind going for a cheap grill that has great quality rather than an expensive one that could go bad at any time.

Things to Check Before Buying a Grill

Before you buy that grill, there are some very important factors to consider. These will greatly influence your choice of the grill.

Weather Condition

For areas that often witness snowy conditions or really low temperatures, it is advisable to buy one that is produced with tough materials. This will prevent rusting and enable it to survive the harsh weather. Choosing the wrong one would consume too much fuel and easily go bad.

Type of Food

This factor not only determines the type but also the size of the grill to purchase. A charcoal type is ideal for cooking smoky ribs, brisket, or pork in large quantities. While a two-zone cooking style is suitable for those who enjoy smoking their meat slowly.

Height Requirement

Several times, some items such as large cuts of meat, whole chicken, or turkey will need to be prepared beneath the grill. The height of the barbecue greatly influences the comfort it provides and being able to conveniently shut the cover of the grill. Always purchase one that fits your height demands.

Available Space

The required space influences the choice of grill although some of them have large space, they are not ideal for smoking such as large propane grills. This is however perfect for steaks, burgers, chicken cuts, and fish since they require less attention but quick result.

Crowd Size

A big grill will save time when cooking for a large gathering or large chunks of meat while a smaller one would require you to cook the meal in batches which can leave one very exhausted. A small one is more suitable for a mini group but if you like to host parties then a big grill might be what you need.

While a big grill allows you to prepare meat for a large number of people, you can also find other ways to keep your guests entertained while food is getting ready. If you need tips on how to entertain guests at an event, you can check here:

Using Gadgets

Acquiring grilling skills requires time so avoid buying multiple ones without gaining the needed experience to use them as this will take up extra space. Kick off with the basics first and over time, you will learn the skills. You can buy a multipurpose grill that has high quality and many in-built gadgets, this way, you can easily up your skills.

Types of Grills

Choosing a grill is largely based on the need for it and what you prefer. It is vital however to carefully examine the quality, benefits, and demerits of each before making a choice. Your environment and lifestyle should also greatly affect your decision. The common types are:

Charcoal Grills

This is a very common outdoor style due to its easy usage method and the rich smoky taste it gives to the food. All it requires is enough charcoal and once the fire has been lit, it only takes a while for it to stabilize. After that, you only need to keep adding charcoal for it to keep burning. It is ideal for cooking tough parts of the meat for a long time as this gradually softens and gives it a delicious flavor.

Kamado Grills

This is made from a thick ceramic material in the shape of an egg. Its heat source is the hardwood lump charcoal that needs to preheat for 45 minutes before adjusting to the suitable cooking temperature. The heat deflector is a common accessory used with this type to create a barrier between your food and the hot coal.

Propane and Gas Grills

This is used by most households and has various styles to choose from. It heats up quickly, making it very convenient, and has several accessories such as lights and side burners which enhance the cooking experience. It however lacks the flavor that cooking with coal gives.

Pellet Grills

This convenient option doubles as a grill and as a smoker which makes it unique. Once it is set to your specification, the electronic temperature controls maintain it, thereby avoiding the need for frequent adjustment.

This machine allows you to cook ribs, large roasts, and brisket without constant monitoring. However, due to its electronic nature, it requires a steady power source. It is less popular because it does not brown or sear the meat as much as others. You can get more information about pellet grills here.


There are several modern grills available in the market which can accommodate many cooking alternatives but it is important to do proper research to buy one that’s suitable at an affordable price. There are also a few considerations to bear in mind such as your cooking style and available space before selecting a grill.

Finally, always ensure your grill is well maintained, use it only in a well-ventilated open setting, and observe all safety instructions.

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  1. We have a Weber, but it’s the kettle grill because we prefer charcoal to gas/propane. We had a gas grill at our first house. The Weber, it is. We grill though on the east side of the house, at the garage where we leave the door open. It doesn’t protect the grill, but for the most part, it protects my husband. The smoker on the other hand is on the south side of the house with no overhang. It gets not only the full force of our relentless wind, but on hot days, it can be miserable. Our last house was quite far from the kitchen including having to walk halfway through the house just to get outside. :/ I understand your reluctance.

    • In Andorra we had a little balcony just off the kitchen that was protected and perfect for grilling. I did worry when it was dry, though, that he would set the whole mountain on fire when cooking cuck breasts. He likes gas for vegetables – and meats not deemed worthy of charcoal and the Weber – like chicken breasts lol
      And then we have the little charcoal grill that sits on the weber for really hot fires….

  2. Don’t forget to make sure that the burners are side by side – so that you can easily use indirect or direct heat.

    Our gas grill is outside the kitchen. But it’s down some stairs, through sliding doors and completely unprotected from the elements. (We have been known to stand under an umbrella, holding another umbrella over the barbecue….)

  3. Aside from our gas grill, we have a little portable charcoal kettle grill – we saw families at the public park charcoal grilling for their picnics. It’s cost about $30. It’s the perfect size because it doesn’t need that much charcoal. It’s easily large enough to grill chicken legs for 4 people (our tiny back garden isn’t really large enough to entertain very many more than that). And we often grill a pork shoulder, which is turned into several different dinners. What we really love about the portable barbecue is that its legs collapse so that it can sit off the ground, flat on our gas barbecue rack. Unless we are using the gas barbecue at the same time to grill vegetables….

    • We have a small charcoal grill that he puts inside the Weber (cover off) for grilling things like lamb chops or the rare steak… it’s hot and fast. He does that in the barn so it and he are protected. Side by side gas burners are vital – esp for veggies as they go back and forth a lot (according to the hubs)

      • Ha!! And we thought that we invented putting the little charcoal grill inside our Gold Chef (cover off).

        When we’ve panicked a little that maybe our 25 year old gas barbecue might give up the ghost, we’ve looked at new barbecues. We are amazed that not all of them have side by side burners. As you say, they’re vital. Especially for baking hamburger buns on the barbecue.

        • If (big if) we ever get one of the fancy new grills we wouldn’t need all of our own work-arounds…. That work really well and are more fun. We usually replace burners and grates and whatever on the gas grills before thinking about replacing the whole thing

          • I think that the housing of ours will have to be full of holes and falling down completely before we would ever consider replacing the whole thing. Especially considering that a new gas grill probably comes with at least one computer chip cleverly designed to break down about 2 months after the 1 year warranty expires – planned obsolescence perfected.

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