Is it time for an Air Fryer?

I don’t know.

Mon mari is always a bit skeptical when I want to buy new toys, er, I mean essential cooking devices.

To be fair I bought a pressure cooker about 5 years ago that I used 2 or 3 times before relegating it to the barn…

It worked just like it was supposed to but it required me to be in the kitchen, paying attention. My Instant Pot (which he questioned) does the same thing but I can ignore it (usually).

He was sure the first slow cooker I bought would end up next to the pressure cooker but I used it so often that he didn’t even comment when I bought a second one.

My food processor, on the other hand, hasn’t even been dusted off in years. I try to keep it out of his sight.

But – an Air Fryer? I thought about it last year….. Briefly, before I bought my Instant Pot.

I quit making fried foods after we left the U.S. It had nothing to do with diet issues – I just hated dealing with the hot oil.

Here it’s common to see deep fat fryers sitting on countertops and people do seem to use them often. Even our friend in Spain had one. Apparently the oil just stays in them and is reused.

Having worked in restaurants, that idea doesn’t appeal to me unless one us using it regularly and changing it regularly.

Which brings me back to the Air Fryer.

No oil to deal with and, as one gets older, the calories from the added oil start to become an issue.

We still like the fried food, though…..

A conundrum.

As I meander through the internet, clicking here and there, I learned that one of the things an air fryer is good for is turning frozen food into dinner quickly.

Or breakfast….. Like hash browns.

Mon mari loves hash browns. I don’t cook breakfast but he could make these Air Fryer Hash Browns, from freezer to plate, in just 17 minutes. When he makes them from scratch, using a skillet, it takes at least twice that long.

See how I think of him? I’m just trying to be helpful. According to to the recipe all these hash browns need to be perfect is a spritz of oil, salt and pepper to be perfect.

But, if I were to get an air fryer, which one would it be?

As always, when thinking about new kitchen toys I look online for recommendations and reviews…. then I go to Amazon France to see what I can get here.

This gourmia air fryer review was the only air fryer on Amazon France that had 5 stars.

Okay, to be fair it had less than 100 reviews, but still…. I usually search be ratings and it came up first so I looked, and looked some more and we all know how that goes.

Price is good, too.

I do have a birthday coming up.

According to my clicking one can make everything from fries to chicken to lasagne to spaghetti squash – which made a great base for this Beef Lo Mein:


I’ll keep you posted….

11 thoughts on “Is it time for an Air Fryer?”

    • I should go to Noz more often…. I rarely find anything but I know people (like you, now) who find great stuff! I just must be there on off days lol

  1. I thought about an air fryer. For all of two minutes. I just don’t have room for anymore gadgets and seeing as I’ve never fried anything because I too didn’t want to deal with the oil and its aftermath, I think we’re good here. I see lots of recipes and such, but that usually happens with the ‘latest and greatest’ and then all the fuss dies down again and they’re all but forgotten.

    I do use my food processor for the carrots and onions when I make potato salad, to slice my cukes paper thin when I do them Squoze, when I make mushroom pate…so I use that. I haven’t used my blender in I can’t tell you how many years, but my mother in law bought it for me when she bought me the food processor. She’s been gone for a few years and I just can’t bring myself to give it away.

    • I use my blender almost every day in summer – making tomato or squash soups for the freezer. I use an old-fashioned box grater for slicing cuke’s and potatoes…. a mandolin when I have a lot, As to the air fryer….. still open for thought.

  2. I briefly thought about getting one a few years ago but dismissed it as one more thing to take up space on my already crowded counters. Then just recently, I started rethinking about it. I finally purchased one and have really enjoyed it. With a grand-baby who loves fries, I can have them ready in about 15 minutes like your hashbrowns. But I have used it quite a bit. I, especially, like it for cooking fish. It comes out flaky and delicious in about 15 minutes, as well, a little longer if still partially frozen.

    • It actually appeals to me most for fish…. and maybe chicken wings. But Fries would be good…. So many things to think about!
      And the counter space.

  3. I have never considered an air-fryer. But then, while I love French fries, hash browns, fried chicken, etc. etc., I’m not crazy for deep-fried foods. (I just can’t imagine they’d be better if they were air-fried.) My husband adores deep-fried anything though. Luckily, both of us are too cheap to buy a deep-fryer.

      • I actually love fast food fries too. There is a fellow who has a sandwich shop who double deep-fries his fries in peanut oil. (Or at least he DID have a sandwich shop – I hope he has survived all the enforced closures these past months, as things begin to open up, we’ll have to ride our bikes over to see) They are fabulous.

  4. All I can think of is how much counter space does it occupy….I adore appliances but if they live in a cupboard they never see the light of day


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