3 Recipes for Healthy Kitchen Design

It’s that time of year again…. We’re about ready to put the grills away (a few more weeks) which makes me start thinking about cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen.

I go through my pantry and cabinets trying to determine what I should keep.

The pantry is easy – check dates and decide if a replacement is needed.

The cabinets are more difficult. I love kitchen gadgets and appliances but… Did I use it? Will I use it? Do I need more space? Do I need to change my space?

Here are some ideas if you are looking at your kitchen and thinking those thoughts, too.

Read on:

When it comes to a healthy diet, it’s easy to overlook all the external factors that contribute to it beyond just the food. 

However, healthy ingredients themselves are only a minor factor in overall nutrition. A healthy diet does not begin and end with just picking fruits and veggies over sugars and artery-clogging fats at the supermarket. 

Kitchen design has a considerable impact on one’s ability to craft a sustainably healthy diet. By making your kitchen into a clean, well-organized space, you’ll be much more successful at crafting home-cooked meals that are good for you. 

If healthy home cooking sometimes seems like an out-of-reach dream for you, read on for our tips on building a kitchen that’s good for you from top to bottom. 

1. Open Up Your Space 

When your kitchen consists of cramped corners and cluttered counters, a marathon session of chopping and dicing doesn’t seem enticing. 

Plus, since the kitchen tends to be the home’s central hub, it’s easy for it to get fully packed with all sorts of unnecessary materials. 

Dedicating space specifically to cooking alone is the first step to overcoming this common obstacle. Making it functional is the next. 

A kitchen space that veers in the open concept direction can accomplish both of these tasks. Your kitchen will be much more usable with clear counters and wide footpaths that let you oversee the rest of the household activities without them impeding on your cooking space. 

If you think your kitchen space could benefit from this kind of redesign, consult with a contractor who has this kind of experience and insight. Pro tip: Make sure you search for contractors who have formally passed the Texas contractor license exam and aren’t just interior designers in disguise. 

2. Reorganize Your Storage 

If a total kitchen overhaul is out of the question for logistical or financial reasons, there are still plenty of space-clearing steps you can take on your own. 

Taking one afternoon to clear out unnecessary appliances can do wonders for opening up more space on your counters or in your cabinets. 

Parting with pricey kitchen appliances can be challenging. So ask yourself this: Do you really need four different means of brewing coffee visible at all times? If the answer is no, then it’s time to let some of them go. 

Once you’ve cleared some items you no longer need, think strategically about where you put what’s left. 

If the materials you need to cook healthy recipes — such as stir fry pans or soup pots — are behind an insurmountable pile of other items, you’ll be far less inclined to go through the trouble of digging them out. The same goes when the fresh vegetables get hidden behind the leftover take-out containers and cookie dough.  

Healthy cooking materials to the front of the cabinets, please! 

3. Stock the Pantry 

A well-stocked pantry might seem counterintuitive to a more healthy lifestyle, but actually, the opposite is true. 

When you leave your pantry shelves bare, you make it impossible for yourself to take some snack breaks throughout the day. By dinner time, you’re left starving and will take whatever food you can whip up the quickest, no matter how greasy or sodium-filled. 

Keeping nutritious snacks readily available will prevent you from binging out of desperation and allow you to make better choices instead. 

The keyword here is nutritious, though.  Obviously, stocking candy and chips won’t have the same outcome. 


Essentially, if you don’t have a clear cooking space and easily accessible ingredients, the lure of take-out menus and frozen dinners becomes too strong to resist. 

There’s so much more behind a healthy lifestyle than simply food ingredients. Instead, you need your whole kitchen to align with this goal.

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