Trendy Babes Bake Wool Roll Bread

I’ve never heard of ‘wool roll bread’.

I’ve never heard of wool rolls or rolls of wool – other than the wool collected from newly shorn sheep.

I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was very young. The wool I use comes in hanks – which is a large circle of yarn that is twisted for commerce, then wound into a ball for use; or skeins, which is packaged, ready to use, pulling the yarn from the center.

So…. are rolls of wool the wool that comes directly from the animal before carding or combing or spinning?

In looking at the Babes’ Bread I don’t see anything resembling any of the wool yarn that I use.

According to Judy, of Judy’s Gross Eats, and our host kitchen for the month, Wool Roll Bread has been popularized by both a Malaysian and a Vietnamese blogger / baker. Maybe it’s a translation issue.

Or maybe I’ve been in the middle of remotest France for too long.


This bread looks fantastic! It’s fluffy dough that is rolled and filled with all sorts of good stuff – at least by the Babes.

You can make the filling sweet or savory and, as it’s a pull-apart bread, it’s a fun addition to a family (or any) breakfast (sweet) or dinner (savory) or drinks (really fun savory).

If you want to learn more about this interesting Wool Roll Bread and try at baking it yourself head over to Judy’s Gross Eats. You’ll find the recipe, a bit of history, and all the details of baking along this month.

Judy’s Wool Roll

Elizabeth’s Wool Roll

Kelly’s Wool Roll

Karen’s Wool Roll

Cathy’s Wool Roll

Elle’s Wool Roll

Tanna’s Wool Roll

Aparna’s Wool Roll

And that’s it for the Babes in September… 

I’m going to go look at my yarn stash to see if any of it looks like the bread….

Stay Safe, Healthy & Patient and wear your mask.
And enjoy your fall before winter sets in….

And the Babes are:

The Bread Baking Babes

A Messy Kitchen – Kelly
Bake My Day – Karen
blog from OUR kitchen – Elizabeth
Bread Experience – Cathy
Feeding My Enthusiasms – Elle
Judy’s Gross Eats – Judy
Karen’s Kitchen Stories – Karen
My Diverse Kitchen — Aparna
My Kitchen In Half Cups – Tanna
Notitie Van Lien – Lien

And me…. Thyme for Cooking – Katie

4 thoughts on “Trendy Babes Bake Wool Roll Bread”

  1. Ha!! I wish I’d known the word “hank” or that I’d thought of describing the wool before “carding or combing or spinning” – that’s what my bread dough and bread was like – not at all the beautiful fluffy Wool Roll Bread the other BBBabes produced.

    Thank you again for showing all the BBBabes’ breads in one spot. It’s so lovely to see them here.

    • It’s always fun to read about everyone’s efforts. They were all so different (and yet similar) for this bread, I could really see it with ham and goat cheese…..

  2. Thank you for the lovely roundup. I suppose the rolls would be a bit difficult to eat if they really did resemble a roll of yard. Fluffy is better.

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