Ideal Utensils for Open-Fire Cooking

Fire pits are popular in the U.S. but I have no idea if people actually cook over them or just sit and enjoy the flames…. and make S’Mores.

I have never had a S’more.

In my more adventurous (and no disposable income) youth I did my share of camping and cooking over an open fire. I know we had a cast iron kettle but that’s about all I remember.

And the beer. I remember the beer.

The guy that owned this house before us used to do all of his cooking in the big fireplace but the only thing left when we bought it was the hook for roasting meat.

Still – the idea of being outdoors and cooking over an open fire has a certain appeal. Read on for some tips on the right pans for the best results.

On warm days, it is so hard to stay at home. Hunting or fishing give an ordinary person a long-lost feeling of freedom. What could be better than time spent outside, away from the city, in the silence of a dense forest or on the bank of a calm river? And winter is the best time to prepare for the warm season ahead. An important and integral part of such a pastime, of course, is the field kitchen. You should not be afraid – this food is prepared easily. All you need is to know simple recipes and have some skills in arranging a hearth.

Why don’t you invite friends and cook something on the open fire? In addition to fragrant meat on the grill, you can cook vegetables, tasty noodles, or seafood. However, it is impossible to do it without special dishes. What cookware will stand the test of fire? Cast iron cauldron, carbon steel wok, or an alternative option will serve you best of all.

Best Open-Fire Cookware

Conventional pans and pots are not suitable for open fire as they are not designed to withstand strong flames. Campfire and home cookware also have their own characteristics. When buying, you need to take into account the method of preparation and the intended dishes. For example, if you cook a fresh soup, you should give your preference to cast iron cauldrons. For seafood, noodles, or vegetables, it is better to use the carbon steel wok pan available on

Cast-iron cookware is the most convenient option for those who like picnics and outdoor recreation. Convenient, strong, and durable models will provide comfortable cooking on the fire. Cast iron tolerates different temperature conditions, the cauldron will withstand intense flame until the fire is completely gone out.

A cast-iron or carbon steel wok is best for preparing complex dishes on the fire. Completely new possibilities, such as even distribution of heat, will allow you to cook not only traditional meals like meat and vegetables but also unusual Asian dishes.

The Worst Options to Avoid Using

Enamel cookware is great for home cooking on the stove, but not the best option for cooking over an open fire. Food sticks to the bottom and burns, after which it will be difficult to clean both the inner and outer walls.

Regular stainless steel cookware is easy to transport, but it is not suitable for cooking on fire: the thin walls of the pan quickly burn and heat up. Aluminum cookware is also easy to carry, but it is only suitable if you bought it from a reputable manufacturer. In most cases, it is suitable for boiling water, but cooking on open fire requires special technology.

Now you know what cookware is better suited for open-fire cooking. Do not hesitate to share your recipes and impressions with us.

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