Secret Items in a Meal Kit Box

Meal kit deliveries have been around for a few years now. I think I wrote the first post on them 4 or 5 years ago.

Two yeas ago I even tried one for a week – although it was not fresh food. It was packaged, shelf-stable meals and they were actually very good.

I didn’t think getting a fresh food meal kit delivery here in the back of beyond would be possible.

I was wrong.

At my last book club meeting we were briefly interrupted by our host’s fresh meal kit being delivered. Everything inside was fresh and beautiful. The produce looked perfect. I was duly impressed.

When I was offered another opinion and a peak into another box I thought…. Why not?

I do like it when someone is enthusiastic about a topic – read on for his discoveries and opinion:

The world is moving towards new trends. Globalization is at its peak and the world has turned into a global village. It’s no more a fantasy to think about a food dish across the globe and not to get it near you. We all are aware of burgers, pizza, sushi, shawarma, dumplings, pasta, steaks, chow mein, baklava, hummus, donuts, crepes, and whatnot.

Daily life has become so much busier that people, rather than preparing food they prefer, opt for a meal plan like MuscleFood Discount Codes where they’ll get new dishes every day by selecting a specific meal kit plan. Numerous food meal kit providers are offering their food for different tastes and with different services.

The entire week’s meal kits are organized in a “big box”, which includes many other things. When someone is ordering for the first time they may be clueless as to what is going to arrive at delivery. It seems to remain a secret until your first order arrives from any of the meal kits providers.

But it will remain no longer a “secret” as today I’ll be telling you each and everything about a meal kit box that will help the mystery get solved.

A few days back, I was pretty busy with my work schedule and because of my busy schedule was feeling like I didn’t have enough time to cook food for my family and myself. So I quickly browsed over the internet to find the best suitable meal kits provider and purchased a weekly plan meal box.

Today, the box has arrived and I will, one by one, share the unboxing details with you.

The Packaging:

At first, when I looked at the delivery man, he was holding a large-sized corrugated cardboard box which was strongly packed to ensure that the items inside remain protected and undamaged. The box was sealed with duct tape which I think made a strong seal. I took the box from the delivery man and ran straight into the kitchen to find any sharp tool to open it. I grabbed a knife and slit the box open. What I find was:

  1. The food was packaged and sealed in an insulated thermal food wrap.
  2. After opening, at the top was the brochure with the more meal kits offers and deals. 
  3. It contained bags of ice to save the raw food from spoiling.
  4. The food was packed individually in food-grade plastic containers.
  5. At the top was cling wrap to easily identify the food inside with all the details about the food including quantity, nutritional benefits, recommended way to cook, and expiry date.

The Food:

For many days I was feeling that, because of my weight and bulging tummy I should chose a  ‘slimmer’ meal plan for my coming week’s Menu to help achieve my fitness goals.

For the full meal plan, a selected dietary requirement to be Meat and vegetables as protein helps a lot in losing weight. Other than that I added snack options as well so that I wouldn’t eat unhealthy junk (like crisps) while watching TV.

From the required Calories selection bracket I selected for 1200-1500 calories bracket which included 3 meals along with 2 snacks daily. I wanted my meal for the entire weak so I selected 7 days. For the Breakfast meal, I selected from the options that were chocolate flavored 10k porridge, Raisin and Cinnamon Granola, Oat Protein Flapjack, Sausage, Bean and Potato Pot, and, last but not least, Dark Chocolate and Redberry Granola Pot.

Morning snacks options were Cookies and Cream Protein Bar, Chocolate Orange Protein Bar, Blueberry Muffin Nakd Bar, Salted Caramel Protein Bar, Sweet Chilli Mountain Chips, and Nakd Bakewell Tart Bar.

For lunches I selected Beef Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Satay Chicken and Rice Pot, Mushroom Pesto Pasta Meal Kit, Pork Pasta Meal Kit, and Chicken Tikka Style Wrap.

Other than that I added seven Afternoon snacks from their menu of yummy and flavorful options. In addition, for that last meal of the day (dinner), I selected Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Burger Bowl Recipe Kit, Fish and Chips, Chipotle Chicken Pasta, and some others.

The Experience:

The service was up to the mark – everything arrived fresh and hygienic and I am overwhelmed with the experience of having meal kits delivery service.

Not enough? You can find more such food recipes on Thyme For Cooking Blog and enjoy easy-to-cook recipes.

4 thoughts on “Secret Items in a Meal Kit Box”

  1. I tried a meal kit box for a month. I thought it was overpriced and underpacked. The only real advantage to it was that I didn’t have to go to the store, but I still had to go to the store. For milk, juice, eggs…all of those things that really wouldn’t stay fresh at all or are just not cost effective to ship. So my conclusion was, my once a week trip to the grocery was more cost effective and gave me better choices than the meal kit box did.

    • I buy so few vegetables, having most in my garden, that it didn’t seem worth it for me. Plus my freezer is usually full. But my friend loves hers and she lives right in a village with shops.

  2. I have no first hand experience but my daughtet is a total convert. She uses Hello Fresh…you might want to Google and do a comparison Aus v France

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