Great Coffee, Making a Difference

Great coffee can do more than just wake us up and improve our mood. It can also improve the planet.

In early December I received an email offering me free coffee.

There were a few things wrong with the idea…..

I live in France. Companies offer me free stuff, find out a live in France, and retract the offer.

The company doing the offering was in England – Brexit was making cross-channel commerce challenging.

Finally, the company offering me small-batch, hand-roasted coffee was in England. Not Costa Rica, England. Yeah, okay, I knew they weren’t growing the beans, but still….

Back to the email.

They said they knew I lived in France and would love to send me some samples.

Which they did.

Thanks to Brexit, Christmas, and Covid I got the coffee shortly after January 1st.

It was worth the wait. West Berkshire Roastery produces award-winning coffee beans!

I never buy really good coffee – because I only shop at the supermarket.

I tried the Signature Roast first. I even reached up into the high cabinets and got my French Press down.

It was perfect with the last of the Christmas cookies.

We normally make our coffee using a Senseo coffee maker, which uses pods (cloth, not plastic). It comes with a filter that can be filled with freshly ground coffee.

And it can be set to make espresso.

That seemed like the perfect choice for the Rich Italian roast.

It was.

I almost didn’t share.

As good as their coffee is, their sustainability philosophy is even better.

For every order they make they plant a tree; they are carbon neutral as of 2021 and will be carbon negative by 2023; and, as of the end of 2021 they are zero waste.

With your first coffee order of West Berkshire Coffee Beans you get 10% off – and they plant a tree.


2 thoughts on “Great Coffee, Making a Difference”

  1. Well darn. I’d have to email them for a shipping quote and as much as I’d like to try them, I have a feeling the shipping would be more than the coffee. I hoped my favorite, Scottish bakery might carry it since they do have a few English items, but no. They have one coffee and lots of Scots teas. 🙁

    • It really is good coffee and I like what they do….. But, due to the p*ssing contest between France and the U.K. due to Brexit I had to pay import duty and tax on it so I won’t be ordering it either. It’s a hit and miss system at the moment. There should be nothing due on packages under 25 euros (which this was) but I know people who had to pay on Christmas cards and others who got big, expensive stuff and didn’t pay anything.


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