The Ultimate Health-Guide For Gym Enthusiasts!

It’s the start of a new year…. That period of time when everyone’s thoughts turn to diet and exercise.

Or so it seems.

This is another, slightly different post for me. I have been exercising for most of my adult life, but not nearly as seriously as the author of this article (see below).

Since I’ve been living on this side of the pond I’ve been doing it at home on my universal gym. I’ve never found a real gym that I could go to…. When I lived in the U.S, I was a regular at my local gym.

While I totally believe in the benefits of exercise, I have no idea how many of my readers are or want to be this serious. What really piqued my interest when I read her post was the meal kit program. I checked out the menu – the food looks / sounds delicious and the price is right.

Maybe, when they get to France….

For now – read on for some great tips and, just maybe, some inspiration for 2022.

She does make it all sound easy.

It’s important to remember that you need to have a healthy routine if you want to keep yourself fit. Fitness is not all about lifting weights and eating food, it is also about your daily activities and habits. This is not a hidden truth but if you carefully notice how actors, fitness models, athletes, and sportsmen spend their day, you will notice how different their daily routine is from ours.

The Health Guide Through My Fitness Routine…

Try to focus on different aspects of your daily routine. At the time I started to focus on my fitness, my week would start by getting some healthy meal kits from Dinnerly Coupon, putting my weekly timetable in order so that I know what tasks I have to do and during which time slot I have to hit the gym, I put all my gym wear in the washing machine so that I have all my clothes ready every day when I’m going to the gym and lastly I plan out my exercises for each day.

How do I divide my time in a day?

My daily routine depends on my weekly tasks and work that I have to do but I’ll tell you things I usually do in a day. I start my day at 5 am, my practice is to go on a morning jog and before that, I just have a light snack like a protein bar to provide me the energy to have an effective morning jog. I come back home around 6:30 am, make myself a healthy and high-calorie breakfast so that I have more than enough energy to do all my daily tasks.

During noon, I have a sandwich and any kind of milkshake so that I am also keeping up with my calories and proteins. Try using a fitness app so that you can have quantitative data, this makes tracking your fitness goals much easier and even I use a fitness watch with a fitness app which makes my life much easier because I am able to see the exact number of calories I have burned and a lot more.

I get done with work at 5 and straight after that I go to the gym, my daily gym routine depends on the muscle I want to work out on so it can be a leg day or a chest day but however I decide what to do in the morning so that when I go to the gym, I have everything I need beforehand.  All my protein bars and protein shakes are with me, for every individual, there is a different type of protein shake so don’t just buy it because you like the packaging or anything else, and try consulting a fitness expert before purchasing anything.

I usually spend around an hour in the gym and I try doing all my exercises with minimum breaks in between. I focus on my water intake a lot too and I highly recommend others to do so also because not only does it keep you hydrated but drinking water also removes all the unhealthy things in your body as well. After my gym, I have around 6 or 7 bananas that are rich in protein so that I can pump my muscles with fresh protein immediately. When I go home, I make myself a nice and small dinner that is rich in carbs and protein and has fewer fats or unhealthy nutrients.

I sleep around 9 pm at night unless it’s a weekend. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day so that the next day I already have energy that I just need to maintain. People don’t know the importance of sleep, if you are lacking sleep, you will have sudden mood changes, trouble thinking and concentrating, high blood pressure, risk of heart disease, and the list goes on.

To Sum-Up…

Remember the key to having a prime body Is having a healthy routine. If I am what I am today it is all because of my healthy routine and my consistency to follow my routine. Food, Sleep, water, exercise, habits, and activities are all incorporated into your physical health.

Find out more about such blogs of your interest with great knowledge of actual fitness freaks who are writing up about their experience to give you a chance to learn.

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  1. This is so not me. I’m lucky in the winter if I have the ambition to hit my treadmill three times a week. As for a jog in the morning, it was 3 degrees at 5am this morning. I know because it was 1 degree at 4am when I got up which is my usual time. We have a gym not far away, but it’s full of power lifters and really serious exercisers so it’s too intimidating for me. Now, summer in the yard is another story but winter?

    • I don’t even do my 10 minute dog walk in the morning any more. At least that woke me up lol. I ride my exercise bike every day – because that’s when I read. Without the book I wouldn’t bother, The gym I went to in the U.S. was nice – not power lifters. Here? Nothing close.

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