Bread Baking Babes Bake Glass Bread

Pan de Cristal or Glass Bread was the challenge for March.

I became very worried when the 2nd line of the 1st paragraph mentioned ‘the croc’.

I remember the crocodile bread.

I have nightmares about the crocodile bread – it’s slithering and oozing around the house, looking for anything to devour.

It’s the first bread I baked with the Babes.

If I remember correctly I was offered booze and sexy underwear if / when I joined the group.

Neither have materialized.

I digress….

Kelly, of A Messy Kitchen, and our host kitchen for the month, says that Pan de Cristal can be a little challenging as the dough is a bit wet. (ahem) She goes on to say it’s a good choice for a more experienced baker but one can reduce the water to make it easier.

Just make sure you have a good, strong flour.

If you want to make the Glass Bread yourself, and it can be fun to, um, stretch your skills, go to A Messy Kitchen for the recipe and detailed instructions on how to do it. Plus you’ll find all the details of baking along this month.

The Babes say it’s worth the effort….

Kelly’s Bread

Karen’s Bread

Judy’s Bread

Aparna’s Bread

Tanna’s Bread

Elizabeth’s Bread

Elle’s Bread

Cathy’s Bread

That’s it for March 

As always –

Stay Safe, Healthy & Patient and wear your mask (as needed) or enjoy seeing smiling faces!

The Bread Baking Babes

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11 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes Bake Glass Bread”

  1. I was surprised that some potential buddies were trying it out already, though they haven’t posted results yet! I think all our loaves look good considering the challenge level! Even Elizabeth’s defiant, flatter one had a fine looking crumb and she said it was tasty. Cathy’s sourdough looked beautiful, I hope she feels well enough to post soon. And now I am going to go read your croc post and chortle. And then I will have to try it out so you can chortle back. 😄

    • Ah…. the Croc. I remember it well. Have fun with it. I do remember that we loved the final result.
      I’ll watch for Cathy’s post

      • We, on the other hand, did not love the final result after wrestling with the croc. I too remember it all too well. But armed with this coil folding technique, Kelly, things might go much better for you. (Brrrr, I’m still terrorized by the croc….)

  2. This Pan de Cristal is child’s play in comparison to the croc! Even though my pan de cristal didn’t turn out quite as well as the others’. At least we didn’t have to turn it into bread crumbs.

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