How to Find the Best Bakery for Your Event Cake

When we lived in Andorra we tended to eat the way the Spanish do and have fresh fruit to end the meal. It’s very common in Spain to see everyone at the table with a big orange on their plate for dessert.

I would always be mesmerized watching them expertly peel, section, and eat an orange with a knife and fork.

Life is different in France.

One will hear the Brits who live here discussing recipes and where to get proper cake flour or confectioners sugar.

The French, on the other hand, will be discussing the merits of this pâtisserie versus that pâtisserie.

They don’t bake – they buy. And they may keep the location of their favorite pâtisserie a closely guarded secret.

It would seem that people in the U.S. are starting to appreciate the benefits of finding a good bakery.

Read on for some tips:

Finding the perfect bakery for your event cake can be an overwhelming task. However, by asking the right questions and considering various factors, you can narrow down your options and create an order that is not only delicious but fits well with your theme and venue. Here are some key tips to help you find the best bakery for your event cake.

1.      Understand What You Need

Before starting your search, establish exactly how many people will be eating and whether or not there are any special dietary requirements like veganism or allergies.

Finding the right bakery to deliver what you want can be easy if you have your heart set on a specific type of cake. Great bakeries and bakers like Busby’s Bakery will be able to tell you which parts of your idea are possible and which aren’t.

2.      Factor in Punctuality and Delivery

While you might want a bakery that will make beautiful cakes, those qualities aren’t worth much if it consistently doesn’t deliver on time. Request an in-person consultation with multiple bakeries and look for an owner available throughout your meeting. 

Depending on your event, you may want to choose a bakery that’s close enough that they can set up the cake and deliver it on time. If you’re having a big party in an off-site location, it’s good to find one with experience dealing with their logistics to serve such places.

3.      Local vs. Online Orders

Determine whether you need to order your cake from a local bakery or online. If you’re in an area with many bakeries, it might be easiest to go into one and look at their options before settling on which one you want. This will let you see what type of flavors they offer and make sure everything will work for your event. Ordering from an online bakery gives you access to a greater variety of options, but requires more planning.

4.      Ask the Right Questions

Be sure to ask bakeries about everything from their experience, if they bake healthily, to how they store their ingredients. More information means better planning and more confidence in your baker. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as:

●   How much time have you spent as a baker?

●   What are the ingredients used in your products?

●   Are you able to cater my event on short notice?

●   Can I taste some of your recent creations?

●   Can you provide a custom design?

●   Can you ship, and what are your delivery charges?


Cakes are always at the center of a celebration, whether it’s someone’s birthday, wedding, Christmas, or any event. However, choosing the best bakery to make your cake can be tricky since there are hundreds of options in most cities these days. With the right strategy and an understanding of what to look for in a reliable bakery, you can be sure of finding a dedicated cake baker for your upcoming event.

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  1. The topic of cake is close to my heart…an orange for dessert just doesnt do it for me…unless its orange cake !!!!!

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