Bread Baking Babes go to Galicia


It’s one of my favorite areas of Spain.

Sitting on the northern border of Portugal it has a long, beautiful, coastline.

It was a considered to be the end of the world by the ancient Romans, and is the final destination of the famed pilgrim route ‘Camino de Santiago’.

It also has great food….. Like the Pan Gallego, the famous Galician bread with a topknot.

Lovers of food often rave about the bread in France. They haven’t eaten the bread in Spain.

The history is different, the flour is different, and the bread is different.

Cathy, of Bread Experience, and our host kitchen for the month, says this is ‘a naturally leavened, high hydration Spanish Bread made with a hint of rye and whole wheat flours’.

It sounds a bit challenging, but the Babes say it’s easy and definitely one they will be doing again.

I have eaten Pan Gallego in Galicia. It’s wonderful.

Although (for obvious reasons) I haven’t tasted the Babes Pan, it looks equally wonderful.

If you want to try it yourself go to Bread Experience for the recipe and detailed instructions on how to do it. Plus you’ll find all the details of baking along this month.

Not the norm – the Babes were (slightly) better at following the recipe this month. Check them out….

Cathy’s Pan Gallego

Elizabeth’s Pan Gallego

Karen’s Pan Gallego

Judy’s Pan Gallego

Kelly’s Pan Gallego

That’s it for May 

As always –

Stay Safe, Healthy & Hopeful.

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6 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes go to Galicia”

  1. It really is delicious! And easy as pie to make, Katie.Especially if you are like me and entirely ignore some of the steps. (Yes, I’ll admit to it; I am the one who was slightly better at following the directions. With “better” being so handily ambiguous…)

    • It’s tempting…. But, since the pandemic I’ve been baking sandwich bread for the hubs (so he didn’t have to go to the bakery). Now he prefers it to the local bread and I have to bake every 4 days to keep up. No good deed goes unpunished.,

      • Ha. I know exactly what you mean. I am compelled to make pita on the barbecue for Whatshisname because that’s his favourite to go with his cherry tomato sandwiches. It’s always tricky when I announce that I’m going to make something a little different. (While waiting for our cherry tomatoes to fruit and ripen, we are getting the BEST local green house cherry and/or grape tomatoes from the Saturday farmers’ market.)

  2. I would love to try the authentic Pan Gallego in Galicia. I bet it’s delicious! For now, I’ll have to settle for making this version again. Thanks for the lovely write up! It makes me want to visit Spain.

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