Babes are Steamed!

Steamed Buns.


It’s hot here…. 38C (100F) today.

I could say all the usual: it’s not supposed to be that hot in France; it’s not supposed to be this hot in June; it’s not supposed to… But everyone else in the world is already saying it so let’s just talk about the buns.

I love steamed buns. I buy them whenever I can – which is not at all often.

It never occurred to me that I could actually make them.

Judy, of Judy’s Gross Eats, and our host kitchen for the month, thought differently.

Not only did she make them, she made them twice (at least): both a sweet and a savory version.

She makes it look so easy!

You can make them filled or not, sweet, savory, or….

You get to use your imagination on this one!

If you want to try one or both or all of these yourself go to Judy’s Gross Eats for the recipe and detailed instructions on how to do it. Plus you’ll find all the details of baking along this month.

Judy’s Buns

Judy's Buns

Cathy’s Buns

Cathy's Buns

Karen’s Buns

Karen's Buns

Kelly’s Buns

Kelly's Buns

Elle’s Buns

steamed buns

Elizabeth’s Buns

That’s it for June 

As always –

Stay Safe, Healthy, Hopeful…. And Cool

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6 thoughts on “Babes are Steamed!”

  1. I love those spinach bun tuna rolls so much! We have had such an abnormally cool, wet year so far in the Pacific Northwest, it is amazing to me to hear the scorching reports from friends and family in other regions.

    • I just saw that Phoenix hit 114 – can’t imagine! But they are probably better prepared than we are for hot weather…. Everything air-conditioned.
      I want those green buns lol

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