What Kind Of Food Helps People Live Longer?

There was a time, in the 90’s, I think, when we took a lot of supplements.

It was all the rage back then.

I remember sitting at the breakfast table at our first family reunion (the Millenium New Year) and looking at everyone counting out their pills and discussing the pros and cons: How much C is good? Zinc? Selenium? Multi-vitamin? Extra D?

In those early years I used to bring back a year’s supply of vitamins and supplements.

Then I went to a French doc….

She yelled at me.

She told me to eat a decent diet and quit taking all the extra stuff I didn’t need. Now she will ask me if I eat enough yogurt… or cheese or oranges or fish or vegetables.

So – we eat a healthy diet…. Read on for some tips:

Dieting patterns differ from person to person and what fits one person won’t fit another. Yet, there is a well-known pattern of healthy nutrition that may work for many people. Thoughtfully designed eating will help you boost your energy levels, prevent age-related disorders and enhance healthy aging.

Healthy and balanced food helps people live not only healthier but also boosts their lifespan (how long a person lives). Plant-based, nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory food may add up extra years to your life.

Healthy and nutritious eating may take up the creation of a longer lifespan where our bodies left off due to harmful lifestyles or aging. So, here are several types of foods that may help you live longer and, most importantly, age healthier.

1. Foods rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants are compounds produced by the body. And they are important for preventing you from free radicals and oxidative stress. The balanced presence of antioxidants in your body will help you live longer and healthier.


Antioxidants are naturally present in foods such as berries, pomegranates, seeds and spices, beans, nuts, cabbage, kale, and spinach. Include these foods in your diet to promote a longer lifespan.

2. Superfoods containing NMN: NAD+ is a critical molecule for all life forms to survive. But as its levels decline with age and due to many external stressors, we should consider elevating its levels with food rich in NAD+ booster NMN molecule. 

There are 9 types of foods that may boost your NAD+ levels. The NMN superfoods are tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, avocado, edamame, mushrooms, shrimp, and beef. 

3. Unprocessed food: Processed foods are any type of food that passed through numerous changes to be longer preserved and easily consumed. Yet, they cause numerous health issues.

Processed foods contain low amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and necessary health benefits. Hence, researchers suggest including unprocessed foods (whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, and seeds ) in your diet to prevent possible inflammations, enrich your body with antioxidants and prevent obesity. 

Besides the health benefits, you will get with unprocessed foods, you will also build a diet with flavor diversity. 

4. Citrus fruits to boost the immune system: Citrus fruits are famous for being rich in vitamin C, which is shown to boost the immune system. Vitamin C can be obtained from fruits like oranges, lime, lemon, grapefruits, and tangerines.

Vitamin C in these fruits, however, will not prevent you from getting cold. Yet, it will significantly lower the severity of it.

5. Colorful vegetables: The phytonutrients present in the colorful vegetables add not only test and flavor, but are also demonstrated to carry numerous health benefits.


Consider buying your daily supply of organic tomatoes, carrots, green peas, and paprika from the farmers’ market to enhance your immune system, supply your body with vitamins and promote healthy aging.

Eventually, healthy and conscious eating will contribute to your overall well-being and help you live longer.

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  1. My mother is 97 and swears by a daily freshly squeezed orange juice that she does herself before breakfast

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