Bread Baking Babes got their buns in a twist

Inside Out Coconut Buns.

I have / had 2 strange food issues.

I like both bananas and coconut but I absolutely hate the smell.

With bananas it goes back to childhood memories of hot late summer classrooms with leftover banana peels in the wastebaskets, perfuming the school.

With coconut it’s back to my teen years and the combined scent of coconut oil and sweaty bodies at the beach.

That being said, a favorite treat when I was growing up were ‘jockeys’. I don’t know if that was a regional name or the family name but everyone in my extended family made them. Start with a sheet cake, cut it into squares, frost all the sides of the square then roll in toasted coconut.

They were wonderful.

I thought of those as soon as I saw this month’s Buns.

They sound wonderful, too.

The Babes agreed.

Aparna, of My Diverse Kitchen, and our host kitchen for the month, chose these sweet treats because they are pretty, easy, soft, fluffy, and delicious.

That covers it!

You can find the history of the ‘inside out buns’ as well as tips on making them and the recipe at My Diverse Kitchen. Plus you’ll find all the details of baking along this month.

Aparna’s Buns

Kelly’s Buns

Judy’s Buns

Cathy’s Buns

Karen’s Buns

Elle’s Buns

Elizabeth’s Buns

That’s it for August

As always –

Stay Safe, Healthy, Hopeful…. And Cool

The Bread Baking Babes

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8 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes got their buns in a twist”

  1. Oh my goodness. Toasting the coconut! What a great idea for this filling! I love banana bread and fresh bananas but very much dislike any cooked banana type dessert. The thought of bananas foster is ew yuck to me. LOL I do love the smell of coconut though. Lemon and coconut are probably my top two flavors, with mint and chocolate coming close behind.

    • And I will happily eat bananas foster but won’t touch banana bread lol. Toasted coconut is wonderful – with or without lemon.

  2. Look at all of those lovely coconut buns. I must say, your cake with the toasted coconut sounds fabulous! I think toasted coconut would be delightful in these buns and maybe even some mashed banana. 😉 Thanks for a lovely roundup!

  3. Look at all those beautiful twists!!

    Sweetened coconut, brrrrrrr…. I have to say out loud that I’ll take your word that the coconut jockeys of your youth were/are delicious. Savoury coconut, though, is a different story. I still swoon thinking about the coconut encrusted deep-fried shrimp we used to get at a bar downtown, when going to bars downtown was still something we did. (Their hours are past our bedtime now. 😉 )

    I go through love/hate relationship with bananas. Sometimes I love them. Other times I am like Jerusha Hale in James Michener’s novel Hawaii

    “[W]hat made it doubly nauseous was that Abner had strung the ripening bananas from the roof of their stateroom, and there they swung, back and forth, through every hour of the passage, and as they ripened they smelled. At first Jerusha though: “I’ll watch the bunch grow smaller,” but it showed no effect of her efforts to diminish it. Instead it grew larger, more aromatic and swung closer to her face at night. […] So as the Thetis crept agonizingly ahead, the bananas danced malodorously in the stateroom.” – James Michener, ‘From the Farm of Bitterness’, Hawaii, p.218-220

    • The only thing worse than the scent of over-ripe bananas is the scent of baking banana bread. But I like eating an actual banana.
      They say the memories of scents can be vary powerful.
      A sniff of coconut oil and the smell combines in my head with sweat, water and beer = summer.
      Michener was such a great writer. I should re-read his books – at least the ones I have, which includes Hawaii. (Gotta find that passage)

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