Chicken with Tapenade, Grilled

We love olives and capers and anchovies so, obviously, we love tapenade.

Tapenade is a Provençal specialty of finally chopped olives, anchovies, and capers in fruity olive oil. It can be made with either black or green olives and we love them both.

The ingredients are very fine so the tapenade is almost like a paste and easy to spread on a baguette – or slip under the skin on chicken.

The recipe, Grilled Chicken Tapenade, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Grilled Chicken Tapenade.

Another ‘under the skin’ recipe: Grilled Chicken with Lemon & Herbs

Tapenade Chicken, Grilled

I posted my pathetic winter squash harvest a few weeks ago:

I’ve gotten another 15 Delicata squash and there are 5 more trying to ripen but the vines are looking pretty dead. Total of 4 plants.

The red kuri and Hungarian blue on the table are the total harvest for those 2 squashes, 2 plants of each. The vines died and are in the compost.

On the other hand….

The 4 green Hokaido and 3 butternut squash plants have decided it must be spring. Neither produced any squash before and I thought, after the last heat wave, they were all dead.

Look at all the flowers! And all the green!

There are 6 butternut squash attempting to ripen and 8 or 9 green hokaido.

I have no idea what, if anything, all those flowers will do but, for now, they’re making the bees happy.

Usually I end up with around 50 or 60 various squashes / pumpkins.

It has been a very bizarre year for the vegetable garden….

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  1. I thought my cukes were deader than dead. I have flowers all over the plants, lots of green and dozens of tiny cukes coming on again! Who’d have thought? On a side note, my tomatoes have started coming on. Not the heirloom ones, not yet, they’re still green, but the other two plants are coming on so I have a counter full of tomatoes. Sometimes, I hate this time of year…

    • I often have my biggest lot of tomatoes this time of year. Involves a lot of peeling and chopping and freezing. Tiny cukes make great little pickles. My problem is I’m usually sick of it all by this time of year and then all the works starts again.

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