Guide to Choosing the Best Tofu Press

I learned something new today.

One must press tofu before using.

I thought one just bought the type of tofu needed and then…. used it.

I am also the person who keeps saying / thinking ‘I should buy tofu’ but doesn’t.

I live in France – I can buy half a pig in the supermarket but must search out a bio shop or Asian market for tofu.

When I do find it (next trip to Bordeaux?) I’ll know what to do.

Read on for more information on buying the right tofu press….

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Tofu Presser

Tofu contains water. If you are just tossing it into soup you can, maybe, get by with just draining it and crumbling it into the soup. Pressing the water out brings a better texture and creates more room in the tofu for flavor. You could use dish clothes or paper towels to absorb the water in tofu but the result is not perfect. Consider getting the best tofu press from a reliable online store for the best results.

Definition of a Tofu Presser

tofu press amazon is a device that drains or squeezes water from your tofu. This leads to a denser block of tofu with incredible texture. Once you have drained all the water, you can replace it with flavor through dressings and marinades. The dry protein is easier and safer to fry in oil due to the lack of water that could create hazardous spattering. Your tofu ends up being golden brown and crunchy.

Types of Tofu Press

You could just put a heavy skillet on your tofu and hope for the best. But if you eat it regularly you might want to consider a proper press.
There are two types: plate style and box style. Using the plate style you will place the tofu between two metal or plastic ‘plates’, which are then tightened using adjustable screws. Plate-style tofu presses are easy to use, don’t occupy much space in your cabinets, and are considered the most affordable options to settle on.


Did I mention that tofu has a lot of water? A box press solves the problem of escaping water on your counter. It presses out the water and forms a chewy and dense protein while keeping the tofu, and drained water, securely inside the box. It presses continuously and doesn’t need any more attention from you, unlike plate-style press that needs tightening screws. For any individual trying to find the ideal value and save time, the tofu box press is most likely an excellent choice.

Look for a tofu box press manufactured from BPA-free plastic, for a dishwasher-safe, easy to clean choice. You can press your tofu while you do the prep for your dinner as they usually drain the water in just a few minutes. And they don’t take up a lot of precious counter (or fridge) space.

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