Bread Baking Babes go Bananas

Last month it was Corn Bread.

This month it’s Banana Bread.


Are the Babes working on getting their ‘5-a-day’?

Or is their creativity taking wings?

Who wants boring, old sourdough-whatever-bread when one can have Banana Peel Bread.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Why put your banana peel in the compost when you can put it in the bread?

And so they did.

They put it in the bread.

Along with cinnamon… and some added chocolate or pecans or banana cream or persimmons or raisins or….

Some glazed, some powdered, some…. didn’t use bananas.

You get the idea.

Elizabeth, of blog from OUR kitchen, and our host kitchen this month, was intrigued by a friend raving about a banana bread recipe.

So she had to try, with modifications of course.

And then she tried again.

She succeeded with Wild Banana (peel and all) Bread.

Read about her exploits, and find the recipe on blog from OUR kitchen. Plus you’ll find all the details for baking along this month.

Elizabeth’s Banana Bread

Karen’s Banana Bread

Elle’s Banana Bread

Kelly’s Banana Bread

Cathy’s Banana Bread

Aparna’s Banana Bread

That’s it for January

Happy New Year Everyone!

The Bread Baking Babes

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And me…. Thyme for Cooking – Katie

14 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes go Bananas”

    • That – and I don’t like banana anything. It’s strange because I like bananas as a fruit. But I intensely dislike anything with bananas in it… no banana cream pie for me. I can’t stand the smell of them. I think it goes back to childhood, packed lunches sitting in a hot ‘cloak room’.

      • Ewww! Yeah, that would be so gross. I make a killer banana bread, and I love bananas, but the peels are so very bitter to me, I just can’t stand the thought of eating them. Maybe thin sliced and candied enough to hide the flavor almost completely, but that would be a stretch. No, not for me. And I’m with you. I don’t like banana cream pie either.

        • When we buy bananas, to eat as fruit, I keep them in the pantry so I don’t have to smell them. Although, until they start getting really ripe they don’t smell.
          I also can’t stand the smell of coconut – too much of a coconut oil / sweat tone in my memory from beach days lol

        • I’ll try this again. (Apparently the blog thinks I’m a robot.)

          The banana peel has to be very very ripe; otherwise it’s too fibrous and too bitter. And it has to be puréed. If you like banana bread, I think you would like the addition of the peel. It makes it even more banana-y.

          Me too. I loathe banana cream pie. It’s revolting.

          • You know, I keep getting that robot check too. Repeatedly. I go back to my comment with the back button on the browser over and over and eventually, I wait it out and the robot quits, but this is something new.

            I like pudding, but I have texture issues and for some reason the texture and smell of banana cream pie is just a huge nope for me. Ugh.

  1. “And so they did.” Ha. Some of them did. Because, like you, nightsmusic, there was a certain reluctance to stray from tradition. But going bananas is what BBBabedom is about, isn’t it? So it’s entirely correct that everyone peeled away (pun absolutely intended) and there was so much fast and loose playing with the recipe. 🙂

  2. I agree, “who wants boring, old sourdough-whatever-bread when one can have Banana Peel Bread?” Sometimes even us traditionalists (raising my hand) have to get out of our comfort zones.

      • It seems to be since at least 2019 and very possibly earlier. There is a 2015 Journal of Food Science and Technology article, “Plantain peel – a potential source of antioxidant dietary fibre” about the nutrition benefits of plantain peels. Bananas and plantains are definitely related, but I suspect that banana peels are decidedly sweeter than plantain peels….

        Rachael Link’s October 2019 article “Can You Eat Banana Peels?” in Healthline says:
        [A]dd it to your favorite smoothie recipe or sneak it into your next loaf of banana bread. You can also try baking, boiling, or frying the peels, which helps soften their texture, making them easier to eat. Cooked banana peels make a great substitute for bacon or pulled pork in your favorite meatless recipes. They can even be added to stir-fries, curries, and sandwiches to help boost the dish’s nutritional value.

        (For those of us who remember the 1960s, I gather that it is a myth that smoking banana peels will do anything psychedelic.)

  3. We really did enjoy it, peel and all! Going to make it again soon because I’m out of buns. We would go through this faster than banana quick bread even.


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