My Italian treats from Vico Food Box

To continue….

2 weeks ago I got an email from Vico Food Box.

To quote:

“I am writing to you from Vico Food Box (, a young StartUp with the mission of making Italians abroad feel at home.

We offer an online sales service of Italian food products throughout Europe and the UK. We pay particular attention to the packaging (in recycled cardboard), to the packaging of the products up to customer assistance.”

They then offered to send me a sample of some of the items.

I may not be Italian but I dearly love all things from Italy so of course I said YES, please.

Last week the box arrived:

This is what was inside…. The site is in 4 languages, BTW: English, Italian, French, & German

Biscottificio del Sassello Canestrelli‘ – Traditional Shortbread Cookies topped with sugar. Just as sweet as they look, perfect with coffee or tea.

The Chocolate is ‘Chiacchiere ripiene di crema Bueno‘. It’s kind of hard to describe this. I served it with coffee after my dinner party and it was a huge hit. There is a very thin wafer of some sort, and a soft cream, all covered in chocolate. One person said they were like S’Mores.

The ‘Taralli Napoletani Sugna e Pepe Extra Mandorlati‘ This one surprised me. I glanced at it and decided it was like a cookie, with nuts and chocolate. I was right about the nuts…. It’s like a crunchy salt, pepper, and almond breadstick. Lots of pepper. Very good but I think even better with a cold beer (which I didn’t happen to have).

Pasta and Pesto di Pistacchio. I have not tried this yet but I’m really looking forward to it. I love pistachios and pistachio pesto? Fantastic !

The salami looks wonderful, as does the focaccia. We’re saving them for a bike-ride picnic, which we hope will be very soon.

I’m really excited about the cheese.

Yes, I know I live in the land of 400+ cheeses, but I’ve never found a smoked cheese here. This ‘Latticini Staiano Scamorza affumicata Vico Equense‘ is a smoked scamorza cheese. I haven’t cut into that yet, either. it’s over 16oz (600gr) and I want to have my plan in place so I don’t waste a smidgen. Of course I could just eat it…. with the focaccia and salami.

Hmmmm….. that could be the plan.

The nice people at Vico Food Box have given me a discount could to offer anyone who wants to satisfy their Italian food cravings.

The code is: thymeforcooking3 and it’s worth 3.50 euro off an order of 40.00 euro or more.

Check out their site – it’s a huge Italian online supermarket.

Did I mention that the shipping was very fast? Just a few days. And there is an online chat to help.

I need more of that chocolate now…

2 thoughts on “My Italian treats from Vico Food Box”

  1. Now this is a food company I could get behind if they delivered here! A slice of that focaccia with a thin slice of the cheese, salami and some coarse ground mustard sounds like heaven. Everything looks wonderful so lucky you!

    I took a look at their store. We have a store near me, about 40 miles away, called Cantoro’s. Similar, I think, where I can get authentic Italian, but I rarely go there because it’s a direction I rarely drive anymore. Driving that way is more populated the farther you go and anymore, I can feel my anxiety rising with every mile so I avoid that if at all possible. 😉

    • That’s exactly what I plan to do with the focaccia !
      There was a tiny Italian grocery store we went to when we lived in Minneapolis. Aisles only wide enough for 1 person, the whole store was the size of a closet. But they made all their own pastas. It was wonderful ! It had been there forever, but not any longer. Couldn’t compete with the big stores, I’m sure. 2 old brothers owned it.


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