The Babes are Approachable

The eminently approachable Babes bake an exceedingly approachable Bread.

I can’t even think of anything to say about a bread with such a bland name…. Except apparently, it’s not a bland bread.

The Babes loved it.

Since I have nothing terribly droll to say I’ll just copy from Kelly, of A Messy Kitchen, and our host Kitchen for August. (Who copied from WSU):

Bread is a staple. People have been eating it for thousands of years.

Yet, there are breads that are expensive and inaccessible for many people. Huge, round crusty loaves that do not resemble what we might want in our school lunches or on our dinner tables.

Other breads are widely available but lack nutrition and can somehow sit on a grocery store shelf for months.

We wanted a bread that is approachable, accessible and affordable. With no stabilizers or conditioners in it.

The Approachable Loaf is tin-baked and sliced, contains no more than seven ingredients and no non-food. It is at least 60-100% whole wheat and priced under $8/loaf depending on regionality.

Oh, and it tastes really good too.

I don’t normally put non-food in my food….

You can read more about this very approachable bread on A Messy Kitchen. You’ll also find the recipe and, of course, all the details for baking along this month.

Kelly’s Loaf

Judy’s Loaf

Karen’s Loaf

Cathy’s Loaf

Elizabeth’s Loaf

Aparna’s Loaf

Elle’s Loaf

That’s it for August…

Happy Summer Heat Wave!

The Bread Baking Babes

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8 thoughts on “The Babes are Approachable”

  1. Exceedingly Approachable Bread? Exceedingly?? I don’t think so.

    But. It is really good. We toasted a few of our sorrily flat slices today for lunch and then melted slices of English Red Leicester on them along with a couple of spoonfuls (spoonsful???) of chili con carne. Wow! Spectacular. No. Not even remotely bland.

    Lunch was so good, I might have to take courage and approach this month’s recipe to try once more. Maybe I’ll manage to get the loft that all the other BBBabes got.

    • There are exceptions to every generalization. We’re having a heat wave… Can’t even think about chili con carne. Or turning the oven on.

  2. Interesting name, right? It definitely was approachable in that it had few ingredients, but it was very high hydration. I’ve made my share of sandwich breads and this one was a bit more of a challenge due to all of that water! Thanks again for the round up.

    • You are very welcome.
      The French baguette has only 4 ingredients. Proof that good doesn’t have to be complicated. My sandwich bread is a very sticky dough, but not as wet as this… but the crumb looks wonderful!

  3. Lol, I wished everyone had found it as easy as I did to bake up, but I maintain that it is a fabulous loaf with great flavor. There will be eventual testing by me on the difference in fresh ground and pre ground whole wheat flour.

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