Lebanese Morning Bread

Morning Bread?

That name implies one getting up and baking bread to have for breakfast.

In the morning.

I am not a morning person.

When we first move to this side of the pond, to Ireland, we were going to have a B & D (Bed & Dinner) rather than a B & B (Bed & Breakfast). I know myself well enough to realize that the closest I could come to providing breakfast would be a late brunch.

I digress….

After reading the Babes posts on making this lively pita bread it would seem I am not the only person reluctant to bake bread before breakfast.

Elizabeth, of blog from OUR kitchen, and our host kitchen for the month was inspired by a recent trip to Scotland.

Along with chicken biryani and haggis, she managed to have some lovely Middle Eastern Bread….

Which led to this Lebanese Morning Bread.

Yes, Morning Bread.

I’m not certain why it’s called ‘Morning Bread’, although it is similar to the bread we were served for breakfast every day in Morocco.

It’s a pita bread, and, for me, it would make a perfect sandwich pocket for lunch. The interesting bit is that it’s made with 2 different flours.

You’ll just have to check out the Babes and see what they did with it.

And you can read more about how and why Elizabeth chose this bread on blog from OUR kitchen. You’ll also find the recipe, lots of hands-on photos, and all the details for baking along this month.

Elizabeth’s Pita

Kelly’s Pita

Judy’s Pita

Karen’s Pita

Cathy’s Pita

That’s it for September…

We are hoping for a cooler fall!

The Bread Baking Babes

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7 thoughts on “Lebanese Morning Bread”

  1. Bake in the morning?! Are you kidding? We baked in the evening and then re-heated the bread the next morning. We used the toaster; it’s perfect for flat bread.

  2. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams bread making at the crack of dawn but my full admiration goes to those that do especially all those hardworking Moroccan ladies at the riads who do it daily and always are smiling !

  3. Lol, definitely in the ‘not a morning person’ club! I am still chuckling at the memory of those PBJ pitas my mom used to send in my lunch. They were crunchy when it was PB and honey.

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