Bread Baking Babes Still Salty

I admit… I thought I no longer had the ability to click.

I thought I was looking at the current month’s efforts by the Babes, but then I looked at the title and had to double check…

I was in the right month. Last month was a salty Danish bread; this month it’s a salty Japanese bread.

Really… Pay Attention.

May I introduce you to Shio Pan – Japanese Salt Bread

These lovely rolls are from Karen, of karen’s kitchen stories, and our host kitchen this month.
She was introduced to them at a Japanese bakery she ‘discovered’ in her backyard (so to speak).

Read the full story on her blog and learn about all the variations the bakery does.

And Everything!

Read on to see all the variations the Babes do.

To try your hand at these check out karen’s kitchen stories. You’ll find the recipe, lots of photos, and all the details for baking along this month.

Karen’s Shio Pan

Cathy’s Shio Pan

Elizabeth’s Shio Pan

Kelly’s Shio Pan

Judy’s Shio Pan

Elle’s Shio Pan

That’s it for November…

The temps are changing and the colors are gorgeous.

The Bread Baking Babes

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Karen’s Kitchen Stories – Karen
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9 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes Still Salty”

    • So, I left a comment saying I’d have to try this though I’d never seen Japan and bread in the same sentence. I love bread. It very much loves me, adding poundage to show me how much. But when I hit the Submit button, I got that ‘checking your connection’ screen and then was redirected to the front page and…nothing. So I tried a ‘test’ post and am now trying again with this one. Sorry Kate. We’ll see what happens here…

  1. I’ll try this one more time….

    Such great rolls! Who knew that crescent rolls that aren’t croissants would be so so fabulous?

    They would be perfect for US Thanksgiving because a.) they’re ridiculously easy to make, and b.) they’re insanely delicious.

    On the second time when attempting to reload the blank page, I got the generic firefox message

    (I had a similar problem to nightsmusic’s – so I copied what I tried to leave as a comment before hitting “post comment”. After attempting to post, I got a message that cookies had to be enabled (they are) and then was redirected to a blank page.

    On the second try, when I tried reloading the blank page, I got the message: “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at […]”

    This time round I tried from Chrome – also with cookies enabled.)

    • The bread looks wonderful!
      My site problems are between the host and cache server and I am the victim…. but we keep trying.
      The bread also looks easy and is small enough quantity that it’s on my list.


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