Food and Garden Tips

A collection of blog posts giving information on all the odd bits I have learned over the years.

There are tips on using foods, preparing food, growing your own food, freezing and preserving food, and so on.

Most opinions are my own but all are based on fact – as best I could at the time.

Food Tips

11 foods you should eat

Alliums – shallots, onions, garlic…



Barbecue Grill and Smoker Tips

Bases for Creamy Soups

Calcium, Sources and Ideas

Cooking for Two – guidelines on portions

Counting calories: an opinion

Calories and Portions: Meat

Cheese  and Cheese Sauces


Dairy Comparisons

Dairy, Types

Eggs, to refrigerate or not


Fats, the Good and the Not so Good

Green Garlic

Using Herbs,

Milk: Good or Bad?

The Lost Art of Napkin Folding

Nuts: Health benefits and cooking tips

How to make Pasta and Gnocchi

Smoking (and grilling)

Using Spices,  Blending Spices

Sweet Potatoes v Yams

Wine, Cooking with

Preserving the Harvest

Asparagus: storing and tips

Cherry tomatoes: oven roasting

Green Beans, Growing and Freezing

Preserving Herbs, freezing

Pumpkins and Squashes: storing and freezing

Freezing Tomatoes

Zucchini, Freezing

Garden Tips:

The Compost Pile

The Herb Garden

The Planning

The Weeds

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