Meat & Fish

Chicken: ~ Breasts~~Thighs, Whole Chickens
Turkey, Duck: ~ Turkey~~Cornish Hens, Duck
Beef & Veal: ~ Beef~~Ground Beef~~Veal
Fish & Seafood: ~ Salmon~~Cod, Tuna, etc.~~Shrimp~~Scallops
Pork: ~ Chops~~Tenderloin~~Roasts, Misc.
Lamb & Venison: ~ Braises, Tagines~~Leg, Shoulder~~Venison, Game

Barbecue Grill

Chicken & Turkey: ~ Chicken Breasts~~Thighs, Wings, etc.~~Turkey Cutlets~~ Cornish Hens, Duck
Beef & Veal: ~ Burgers~~Steals, Kebabs~~Veal
Fish & Seafood: ~ Salmon~~Cod, Tuna, etc.~~Shrimp, Scallops
Pork & Lamb: ~ Chops~~Tenderloin~~Roasts, Ribs~~Lamb

Main Courses, One Dish Dinners, etc.

Slow Cooker: ~ Chicken~~Beef, Veal~~Pork~~Lamb, Venison, Vegetables
Instant Pot: ~ Vegetables~~Main Courses
Risotto: ~ Sides~~Chicken, Turkey~~Beef, Veal~~Ham, Pork, Sausage~~Fish, Seafood~~Lamb, Venison
Quiche: ~ Potato Crust~~Rice Crust
Casseroles: ~ Casseroles, Gratins~~Easy Pies
Soups: ~ Chicken, Turkey~~Beef~~Bean, Lentil~~Potato, Tomato, etc.
Mainly Vegetables: ~ Summer Squashes~~Winter Squashes~~Peppers~~The Rest
Pasta Main I: ~ Short Pasta~~Lasagne~~
Pasta Main II: ~ Long Pasta~~Baked Pasta, Ravioli
Stir Fries: ~Stir Fries~~Other Chinese Dishes
Skillets: ~ Meat & Veg~~‘1 Skillet’ Dinner~~One Dish / 2 Pan

Small Plates: Salads, Soups, Vegetables, Eggs, Puff Pastry, Phyllo

Salads: ~ Asparagus~~Greens~~Tomatoes~~Beans, Lentils~~Other Veggies~~Misc.
Light Soups: ~ Spring~~Summer~~Fall~~Winter
Summer Veggie Fun: ~ Asparagus~~Chard~~Tomatoes~~Zucchini~~The Rest
Winter Veggie Fun: ~ Acorn Squash~~Pumpkin~~Butternut Squash~~Mushrooms~~The Rest
Fun with Eggs: ~ Frittatas~~“Noodles”~~Poached~~The rest
Puff Pastry: ~ Mini Pizzas~~Tarts~~Gnocchi
Phyllo: ~ Spring Rolls~~Strudels~~Tarts~~Fancy Favorites


Main Course Green Salads: ~ with Chicken~~with Beef~~with Shrimp~~with Ham~~Spinach Salads
Main Course Pasta: ~ with Chicken~~with Beef, Ham~~with Shrimp, Tuna~~Other
Side Salads: ~ Green~~Potato~~Tomato, Cucumber, etc.~~
Side Salads: ~ Pasta~~Barley, Rice

Side Dishes

Pasta: ~ Orzo~~Short Pasta~~Pasta / Veggies~~Long Pasta~~Couscous
Rice & Grain: ~ Rice~~Risotto~~Barley~~Polenta~~Quinoa
Potatoes: ~ Baked, Braised~~Fried~~Gratins~~Mashed~~Barbecue & Salads
Spring Vegetables: ~ Asparagus~~Peas~~Spinach~~The Rest
Summer Vegetables: ~ Green Beans~~Chard~~Summer Squash~~Tomatoes~~The Rest
Fall Vegetables: ~ Acorn Squash~~Pumpkin~~Butternut Squash~~Beans, Lentils
Winter Vegetables: ~ Broccoli~~Brussels Sprouts~~Cabbage~~Carrots~~Cauliflower~~The Rest

Simple Food: ~ Main Course~~Lunch~~Sides~~Summer

Breads & Sweets

Breads & Biscuits: ~ Biscuits~~Tea Breads~~Yeast Breads
Cakes & Desserts: ~ Cakes~~Clafoutis~~Crisps, Misc.
Cookies & Bars
Sauces & Misc.: ~ Sauces, Dressings~~Pickles, Salsas, Misc.
Food & Garden Tips