A Little Knowledge; A Dangerous Thing — 6 Comments

  1. Once again, at the end of a long day, I asked myself, “Hmm, wonder what Katie has to say today?” and once again, Katie did not let me down. Must be a shared Wisconsin humor — you always make me laugh. I had such a time with French keyboards last time! So glad we have the laptop now. We are now wireless at home, too, which is fun. It’s all FM to me!

  2. What would we do without our little computer friends? Some days I want to pull my hair out! Have fun-loved reading your post today!

  3. I don’t have a clue about French keyboards but when I have to delete all my programs, I just format my entire hard drive and start over.
    My PC is older but I have a format disk to get things back to original form.
    Computers are such fickle things..can’t live with them..can’t live without them.
    I am thinking about buying DSL soon..we will see.

  4. Katie,
    I find when the FM deserts any electronic device or it is merely FUBAR a good whack upside its offending head does wonders. Not for the machine but for me.

  5. Thwap! (sound of my hand hitting my forhead).
    I’ve forgotten Electronic Repair 101:
    1st: whack the offending human in the head to keep him/her from being stupid
    2nd: drop offending equipment gently from a height of app. 18″ or 50 metres, whichever works.
    Thanks for the reminder, Mike.