Zen and the Art of Blog Maintenance

Like so many things in recent history this post may not be what it seems; it may morph into something totally different and / or it may disappear completely.

One cannot know until one sends it off into cyberspace.

The problem I was dealing with this week has been resolved.

There were technical issues that I thought were beyond my capabilities but I tackled them anyway. Further research uncovered that it was a capacity issue.

In other words, I could spend days doing all the cleaning and tweaking and whatever and still not fix the problem as my blog is simply to big for the slot it was in on the new server.

I elected to preserve my sanity and upgraded…. Problems resolved.

Except for the minor detail that anything I post or any comment made in the next 24 hours may or may not be saved onto the (another, bigger) new server.

So – I’m posting this but you may never see it.

Or maybe you will……

Or maybe you’ll only glimpse it as it appears, then is gone….

Like a soap bubble

(cue Twilight Zone theme song….)


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