The Babes do Ethiopia! Authentic Injera — 14 Comments

  1. Can you hear me singing hallelujah!!!
    And babe let me tell you from that close up, you got Injera!!!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    And the lentil and bean stew is totally spot on!
    Too cool for words, just talk to the dough.

  2. Yay for obedient dough!
    Looks great! So glad it all worked out in the end.
    We have a cute little Italian/Canadian tv cook who always says “How much? Quanto basta, as much as you need.”

  3. The little starter that could! I love that! As much as I love your heart to heart with the dough, can I borrow you for some quality time with my kids?
    I had the exact same problem with the hours, apparently the “skip important recipe notes ability” comes with the Babes panties.. Great job Katie!

  4. Welcome back Katie!! Glad the starter listened to you and then the dough too. See, all those words your learned talking to French Telcom come in handy for bread too!

  5. You look good in your panties dear! Glad you had some family over to eat it, so much more fun with lots of people this ethiopian style dishes. Your injera looks perfect!!

  6. You ARE a babe!! I can’t believe that your dough listened to you! I’ve never tried that technique – perhaps I should. Thank you for sharing that story. I think I’m ready to launch into some more baking – when it cools off a little.

  7. Lovely job Katie! Glad you were able to enjoy it. I am back in town and ready to tackle my injera now.

  8. Katie, it looks perfect to me!! 🙂
    I’m without oven sice Easter, it broke just after I made my Easter bunnies and cake… lucky me (!)
    Landlord promised to get a new one for Thursday, so it is not so bad…
    Enjoy your evening, Margot

  9. Tanna, and it was such fun!
    Natashya, I can be very intimidating…
    Baking Soda, yeah, that read the whole thing first usually escapes me.
    breadchick, always a silver lining…
    Thanks, Sara
    Lien, and thank you for making it possible ‘-))
    Toni, that was the good part – no oven required.
    Gretchen, You’ll love it.
    Margot, it sucks being without an oven…

  10. So interested in trying out those other Ethiopian dishes as well. I remember liking the sourness of injera.

  11. I love the vision of you giving your starter a stern talking-to!! Suck it up, yeast boy!
    And what perfect injera! I saw the pics before I read the post and thought hmm, that looks strangely like injera… Well done!

  12. Very very impressive!! As much as I’d like to try this, (well, actually, I’m terrified of failure on this one – our kitchen is still ridiculously cold as well) I’m afraid I am going to chicken out. No teff flour. Not to mention that I have the wrong panties; mine are the big giant ugly white ones that are ultra ultra conservative… (no I won’t show them either).

  13. Jude, the other Babes made some really yummy stuff!
    Jeanne, I’m so excited you recognized it!!!!
    Elizabeth, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours….