Savory Beef & Vegetable Kebabs; morning glories — 5 Comments

  1. Understand your feelings – I have the same reaction to the events in a country in the Southern Hemisphere!

  2. Beautiful morning glories! I have never had much luck growing them and I don’t know why.

    One tip I found useful when grilling kebobs, use two skewers. I don’t end up having things slide off as the meat shrinks a bit when cooking 🙂

  3. Yesterday I had to insist that my husband watch the news somewhere else–he’s been watching it incessantly and I just couldn’t take it anymore…we have come to a very scarey place where no one listens to anyone anymore.

    These kabobs look amazing–on my to do list for the weekend!

  4. Gill, Ah yes…. I need to remember that we are not unique but only one of many. Sad, isn’t it?

    Zoomie. really…. how indeed. And why isn’t everyone (rather than just a majority) in a panic?

    nighstmusic, I’m not have a lot of luck with the morning glories. Apparently the rabbits like them, too. Two skewers = good idea!

    Debby, one needs to take a break from the madness – more often than I do. I think. Kebabs = good lol